Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Lamentable Lunch

I do not like meetings. They are a waste of time, nothing actually gets done and did I mention that they waste my time?

I had made an appointment (to get my bangs trimmed but still) this afternoon on my lunch. I figured that I would have enough time to get over there, get my bangs trimmed, grab a quick bite and be back just after an hour was up.

So my appointment was at 1.45, giving me 15 minutes to get over there. I would need to be back around 2.30. Yes, I was giving myself some leeway here because I didn't know how long it would take and I wanted to be able to eat.

I'm still hungry.

Because at about 10.30 this morning I got an invite. To a meeting. At 2.30. I don't know- can you set up a meeting the day of? Its not like I have any power to say, "actually can you move it? I have an appointment and I might be a few minutes late." No. So now I have to rush. So I booked it over to my hair dresser, told her I had a meeting. She did an excellent job (as always) and then I had to book it back here, getting all sweaty in the process (it's warm out!).

And I never had time to eat.

Do you know what was so important that a department meeting was necessary? Announcing a pizza party for next Friday. Even in elementary school they would have just sent a notice home instead of having an assembly. Because elementary schools know that people's time is valuable. John does not share these ideas.

So now I'm starving and overheated.

Bright side? My hair still looks great. And I have pizza to look forward to in a week.

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