Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Crack Induced High

Today I am in a good mood. There are a number of reasons for this. I know I know, so out of character. Don't worry, I'm sure that someone will come around the corner, invade my cubicle space and say something that totally destroys these good vibrations but for now, let's embrace this uncharacteristic sunshine.

Today Amy is away. And when Amy is away- no one really feels the need to work. Veronica is in charge. And when Veronica is in charge...well it can really go one of two ways. 1. She is on a power trip, eager to stomp all over everyone in her attempts to show off that she can handle being in charge (she can't). 2. She throws in the towel just like everyone else, relieved that she can be in charge without anyone to answer to or compete with.

Today she has chosen the latter and I for one am grateful. I could do with the respite.

Since the mail girl left we have all had to pitch in and help fold the mail. Initially I was annoyed that I was relegated to such basic work. But now? I'm glad for the break. I am always looking for new ways to look busy without actually getting that much done and let me tell you, folding mail is the perfect way to do just that. I put my earphones in and just start folding. Slowly (so that it takes longer) and before I know it, its time for lunch. Brilliant.

There is a brownie on my desk. Enough said.

I told Amy and Veronica that there were lists of reminders that had been neglected for several weeks that we needed to get to. I volunteered to go through them (as long as they gave me the list that I asked for ). For a few days they ignored me and I thought it was just going to be another thing that I tried to tell them about, that they ignored and then blamed me for not doing. But yesterday, the list came my way. The list that I asked for. And I feel like I am actually getting things done for a change.

I have Friday off. Sure I had to give up a kidney, but I do have two! Four day week!

I have segmented my day into smaller chunks of manageable time so that the day doesn't seem so long. Yesterday it seemed to work out OK, today I think its having some trouble. Basically I try to get through til 11 when I get to have a snack. Sometimes this is also when I start to write my post (sometimes not, depends on when inspiration strikes, but it usually comes in the form of a chocolatey drizzled granola bar). Then I just need to wait until 11.45 which is when I go on my first break. Then its noon when I return and I need to make it to 1.30 (during which time I do some mail folding). I get back from lunch at 2.30 to go into a sort of sweatshop (kind of like reverse mailing, we take documents out of envelopes and staple them together, really challenging, requires 3 people) which takes about another hour. I go on another break at 4. Come back at 4.15, work on compiling a list of what I have done all day (a lot) and run out the door at 4.25.

Perhaps the biggest contribution to my happiness today is that finally, after months, years of waiting, the new Dan Brown book has been released. Anna and I have planned it so that we eat our lunches at our desks, and then run up to the book store at lunch, buy a copy, run back and spend the rest of our freedom blssfully immersed in the crack that is a Dan Brown book.

Yay crack!

He better not disappoint me.

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