Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Status Quo

I complain about work a lot. That's basically all I do. Its the entire reason for this blog. But if you have been keeping up, I have a lot to complain about. I spend a lot of time wondering if this has all been some elaborate practical joke because this can't really be my working life. After all that work in university, all those books I read, all those papers I wrote and this is what it got me? My degree cost me more than this job pays! Depressing.

But it is what it is. Currently its a paycheque. And I can't complain (too much) about that.

In the time that I have been writing this blog (a very short time) I have complained about numerous things: John, my non-raise raise, pain, insensitivity (John), Veronica, policy-- pretty much everything. I feel like I never totally resolve the issues and some of you maybe wondering about where these issues currently stand. I don't know if you actually wonder, but I would if I were you, and I need something to write about so I thought why not a general update? Who doesn't love a general update? I know that when I get emails with the subject: Updates, I get really excited. And if you weren't reading that in sarcasm font maybe this blog isn't right for you.

So I am going to imagine some questions that you may be asking yourself and then I will answer them. If I leave something out and you still have questions, please leave a comment and I will answer it! (I don't think that I have my email address on here because it gives away too much of my name and should this blog ever fall into the wrong hands again I would prefer that less identifying information was available).

Did you have to make up the time yesterday when you were late? I did not. Although every time I think about it, or make eye contact with Amy I feel like she is magically going to remember this and chastize me in front of everyone. So best to leave that one alone.

What is going on with John? Thankfully, not much. I assume that he has returned from his cruise, I'm pretty sure that I have seen him a couple of times since (today I am told that his shirt needs ironing). But because he is a child and not actually appropriate management material he has decided not to acknowledge me. Which is great. He seems to actually have kept his word and has actually backed off of the department. Everyone is a lot more relaxed without him lurking around. I mean, did he not ever have any real work to do? If I'm him, with the new company coming in, I'm making sure I look like I have purpose. From my vantage point I can see a lot of salary budget that we can trim...

Hows that shoulder/hand pain? Some days are better than others. The shoulder pain isn't so bad anymore but I find that I have increasingly odd pain in my hand, from tingling and numbness to sharp pains in my fingers, and I still can't press my right hand down because it causes pain in my wrist. Clearly this is all my fault. Various explanations include: the wrong positioning of my arm and wrist, bad posture ( F you John), working too fast (I'll try to slow it down, Lord knows its such challenging work its a wonder I'm able to get it done at all), the way that I'm typing, or the keyboard I'm using. And before you ask, no I have not heard anything more about my fancy ergonomic keyboard that will change my life. I'm not really banking on hearing too much about it and I bet that I will never see it. Because it was management speak for "if-I-tell-you-what-I-think-you-want-to-hear-you-will-stop-complaining-about-it". They really don't know me do they?

How are you enjoying your raise? In a phrase? I'm not. So I got my tax form, saw that I should have had a raise, spent the next 6 months trying to get it to go through, only to be told that it had. And then a new company took over. They looked at what the original company had in the system for my salary and wouldn't you know it? It hadn't changed from what I was paid when I first started here. I'm still pretty bitter about it. I try not to think about it but when you don't get any verbal appreciation (as in "hey, good job today" or "thanks for your help on that thing, couldn't have done it without you") you're kind of hoping that appreciation will have a monetary value. And then you don't even get that. And they wonder why I can be so crusty.

How is Veronica doing supervising? Well yesterday afternoon she was bragging about how she wasn't like a regular supervisor (picture Amy Poehler in Mean Girls when she says that she's not a regular mom, she's a cool mom). She knows that she isn't supervisor material, and this makes her insecure. And her insecurities play out in scenes like this:

There are pages left in the printer from the day before. Veronica glances at them, is annoyed and decides that this is unacceptable.
Veronica: Hey guys (turning to Edna and Anna) if you see pages left in the printer can you please take care of them?

Edna: What do you mean?

Veronica: Look in the notes, check emails, find out where they belong.

Anna: (making a valid point) you want me to take time out to clean up after other people?

Veronica: I want you to just get rid of them and put them where they are supposed to go!

Edna: OK, I guess we can do that. (to Anna) When do you want to do it?

Veronica: This isn't that difficult! Just do it!
End Scene.

As you can maybe tell by this exchange, Veronica really has a way with words and is usually able to get people to do things just by exercising her naturally sweet and courteous manner. The newest temp (I don't know what he is doing here, he seems to have his s**t together and is even smart) actually called Veronica out on it yesterday. When she was bragging about being a cool supervisor he was like "Do you want to be in management?" and because she has no other career options ("Like, I want to go back to school, but like you wouldn't make any money doing it, and I spend too much money shopping") she said that she did and the new temp replied "Then maybe you should get in the habit of acting like one now"


I loved it. I could barely suppress my elation that someone had called her out. So thats where that stands.

Really everything is status quo. I hope that you enjoyed my one sided catch up. I'm so creative, imagining questions and answers.I'm still here, I still hate it, I'm still ruled by incompetence and I still look for something better.

Until next time, stay fit and have fun.

(maybe that's just local?).

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