Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So this morning I was late. And not just "Oops-I'm-so-sorry-I'm-5-minutes-late-but-I'm-here-now-so-its-not-a-big-deal" kind of late either. I was a whole "s**t-I'm-35-minutes-late-I'm-going-to-get-it-for-this-but-there's-nothing-I-can-do-about-it" kind of late. I didn't sleep late. I didn't leave the house late. I caught the same bus.

Normally this bus drops me off around 8.20 (I start work at 8.30, I know-- its not technically a 9-5 existence, I'm a fake) and I have enough time to leisurely stroll into the office and login. Everyone is happy (except me really, because now I am of course, at work).

But this morning there was rain.

This in itself is not unsual. I live in a rainy city. We get 4 seasons, but each of them has a lot of rain. For whatever reason, even though it rains here 9 months out of 12, people are still incapable of driving in the rain. And so, for this first rain of the Fall, the first rainfall (he he he) people are realizing that "hey, Summer is over" and they choose to drive like grannies. As a result my bus was stuck in seriously slow moving traffic. A trip that usually takes 50 minutes, took an hour and a half.

You should know that I am never late, professionally or personally. In fact, there is nothing I hate more than being kept waiting. If you are going to be late, please call me and let me know. Or, here's a thought, how about we try to be on time. Unfortunately I live in a city that seems to think that being on time is uncool. Consequently I am usually the first one anywhere, waiting. Anyway, being late this morning caused me all sorts of distress.

I know how this will play out you see. I have been witness to (and even experienced it ONCE before) some pretty heinous management of this situation. Basically, if you are late, you will stay late. Or miss part of your lunch, or give up breaks. They want that time back. Getting you to do this will happen in one of the following ways (these really happened).

1. You will get an email, noting that you arrived at 8.07 when you are supposed to start at 8. In order to support the "oneness of the team" it would be best if you stayed til 4.07 so that everyone can see that you are making up the time. Nevermind that no one else is even here at 8, or notices if you leave at 4. The time must be made up.

2. Amy will arrive in your cubicle, seemingly for a nice chat to the start of your day, see what you are working on, what your plan is for the day. Starts off nice enough right? Wait for it. Amy will inevitably ask you how you plan to make up the time from when you were late this morning, and you will be completely blindsided. Do you want to give up a break? Stay an extra 15 minutes or have a shortened lunch? I guess the thought process is that she is giving you options so she isn't being a dictator but the bottom line is, its 15 minutes and its not a big deal (unless you are chronically late and only Veronica has that problem. But its ok, she's a Supervisor).

3. It will be announced in some kind of group setting (either in a meeting or loudly enough for everyone in the office to hear) that you were late. You will be made to feel like an a**hole while everyone tries not to make eye contact, feeling acute embarassment for you. You will then offer your soul to stay an extra 10 minutes so that this horrifying moment will end and everyone can get on with their day.

My hope is that because John has stepped away from our department (currently the only interaction I have to have with him is if he says hi to me and then I usually respond with a grunt. I am so classtastic) none of these will occur. I can tell you that I am not offering to make up the time. I'm also hopeful that because we have become a new company, with new people (who are WAY more laid back (sorry, this implies that the old regime was laid back in some ways and they weren't so I guess I should say that these new people ARE laid back (oh man I love me some bracket thoughts))) they will ignore my transgression because it happens so rarely.

I am going to do everything I can to stay on their good side (except not write on my blog today). I have even put on a happy face, although perhaps I should reign this in a little, they might start to think something is wrong with me. I just really don't want to have to give up my little spots of sanity, or stay later.

I should have just called in sick.

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  1. I hope this worked out for you! I've experienced the silent treatment from a manager when an employee shows up late, and when she finally decides to speak to you again she says in the most condescending voice "i'm concerned that you don't want to be here". no, i don't want to. and i also can't control the skytrain when it chooses to stop for 10 minutes without explanation. ugh.

    the new green you mentioned from OPI is the only one i've seen so far, the one I have is ok but using a different brush actually was a huge problem haha