Friday, September 11, 2009


My boyfriend has Fridays off. He has one of those magical jobs that recognizes the need for adjusted schedules, and allows him almost free reign to designate his own schedule. So he works 4 day weeks. Normally I make him drive me to work on Fridays (so that I don't have to deal with the public on the bus, and to punish him for having a better job than me) but today he had an appointment so he couldn't.

Which left me dragging my butt out of my warm cozy bed to be assaulted by the cool air of the morning while he slept on. It took all of my self control (and admittedly I don't have that much) not to slam doors as I got ready. I just get really jealous of him sleeping away while I have to dress myself and go face the world. Pity me!

If that wasn't enough to make you pity me, maybe this will. I just got off the phone with the boyfriend, who called to let me know that he would be spending the day rollerblading in the park, by the ocean, in the sunshine with MY Swede!


I definitely get a steak dinner tonight.

Anyway, I'm left to fend for myself on this glorious sunny Friday. I got dressed like I didn't care (because I don't) and took the bus to work. Arrived in one piece but arrived in one piece (so I have to work. Here). Its September right? Its a beautiful sunny day so it must be 40 degrees outside right (for those of you that live in the States, that's celsius because I am Canadian)? I swear that children are running this place-- the same children that are allowed to dress themselves for school and on sunny days choose shorts and a t-shirt because, well the sun is shining, it must be warm!


Sometimes the sun shines and it is not, in fact, warm. You know, like in the winter? When it snows and its sunny? Its not warm then is it? No, because then the snow would melt.

So why then is the friggin' air conditioning on?? I spent the better par t of the morning with my sweater hood on, huddling to conserve heat, with hobo gloves (the ones without fingers?) on my rapidly typing fingers. And for some reason, this compelled everyone to ask me "Are you cold?"

No a**hole, I'm making a fashion statement. OF COURSE I'M COLD!

I also had to endure some really messed up noises emanating from John today. First he snuck up on me while I had my hood on (and thus had cut off my peripheral vision) and made some low gutteral sound. And later he did the same thing to Veronica. I'm just left wondering how he was the one chosen to be in charge. And I thought he was not going to be involved in our department too. But he's always here.

I wish that this post made more sense. I wish that there was some sense of fluidity of motion, that each paragraph just naturally led into the next. But I'm very cold and this affects my ability to think properly. Maybe some inspiration will strike me when I am doing the mail.

Oh whats that? You didn't know that I did the mail? I don't. But the mail girl quit this week (lucky girl) so we all have to "pitch in". Veronica told Amy that I wanted to help with the mail.

This is complete nonsense of course, no one wants to help with the mail. Its mind numblingly boring. But Veronica was just farming out some work, kissing some a**. Just another work day for her.

Enjoy your weekend guys! I know I will!
(really any time that's spent away from here is glorious).

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