Friday, September 4, 2009

Sour Grapes

This morning started out OK. I even thought to myself Wow things are going smoothly today, people are in a good mood, I'm not going to have anything to post about!

Wrong. So so wrong.

We had a meeting this morning. There were doughnuts. There was laughter. Joking. Comraderie. I looked around the room and thought if things were like this all the time, it wouldn't be so bad to work here. Luckily for you all, moments like that never last long here.

After our jolly meeting and a hint of a sugar rush (I might have caved and eaten a doughnut. A sugary, shiny krispy kreme doughnut- who could say no to that?) we all settled into our desks, looking forward to a Long Weekend. There was excited chatter as we all compared weekend plans, more laughter, happy thoughts.

But soon I started to feel unwell. I am definitely getting sick. I can feel that sick haze descending on me and I am begging the Long Weekend Gods to let me have this Long Weekend. I need this Long Weekend. I need it to rejuvenate and refresh so that I can tackle this place for another week. Please Long Weekend Gods, don't let me get sick til Monday night!

Then I overheard Veronica. She already had 3 monitors. THREE! What can one person possibly need 3 monitors for (in an administrative role)? But Greedy Guts wasn't satisfied with 3. She wanted 4. And they gave her another one. Why? So that she can do less work by farming out more now that she has more monitors? Its just a physical reminder to herself that she matters. Not sure to whom, but she matters.

After she gets her 4th monitor she finally starts to do some work. Her job is to kind of do a onceover of all the work that was done yesterday to make sure that there aren't any major errors.

I heard her before I knew what she was talking about.

As you may know, we recently changed over to a new company. But we are all still doing the same work. We have letters that just automatically fill in the person's name and the rest is standard. But we had to change the email addresses and the name of the company to reflect the change. So they made a new letter.

Do you think that they mentioned this? No. Was an email sent to make us aware? No. Did I ask if there was a new letter? Yes. Did they tell me where to find it? No. They told me to keep using the same letter. They lied. Or they didn't know. Either way- I had done 72 letters yesterday.

And today I get to redo them.

The 72 plus the 30 odd that I had already done today.

Yay rework! There is nothing I like better than redoing work that I already did. There is such a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction of doing the same thing over again.

Now I'm stressed. And annoyed. Bitter. Cynical.

I am definitely getting sick this weekend. Good bye Long Weekend. You were nice to look forward to. I enjoyed planning you. But now we must go our separate ways.


  1. Oh no! I hope you held out and are just now starting to feel sick!

  2. I diligently took Cold Fx all weekend and it seems to have held it off for now. Just long enough to enjoy the Long Weekend!