Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Gold Star

Well if I wasn't exhausted before, I most certainly am now!

I haven't slept well in days. I would like to tell myself that its because I am not being challenged enough at work and thus not tired when I get home, but I have been working here for almost 2 years (kill me, please, end it now) and I haven't really had trouble sleeping before. It certainly hasn't gotten easier, if anything, its all become more complicated what with the constant changes. No I suspect its a signal that I need to get my a** back to the gym. Easier said than done when you come home, out of the cold, and a nice warm glow is waiting for you, complete with sparkly Christmas tree, books, a home cooked meal and The Boyfriend.

Guess I had better add that to the list of things that I should be doing. Along with: Not Working Here and Being in Charge of the Universe. Working out is probably the easier thing to fix right now (my mom will be so happy to read this) though eh?

Anyway. That's not really what I was getting at. Except the whole tired thing. I am tired. Eye-burny tired.

But this morning was a big morning (which is why the post is, apologetically, so late). Today I got to train My Bitch. I don't mean it in the "you stupid b***h" derogatory way. I mean it in the I-don't-have-time-to-do-all-this-so-you-will-bitch kind of way.

After months of hinting, weeks of spelling it out and days of flat out demanding, I finally have my very own work Bitch to help me out. Sure there are caveats- he still has other work to do and he's new so he's not as experienced as I would have liked. But out of the crop of newbies, he is one of the less new (which has got to be a start) AND he's not an imbecile.

All very promising.

I have to admit, I was nervous about the whole thing. I mean, the last time they let me train someone, he ended up quitting 2 weeks later. I'm exaggerating. I mean, he did quit, but I don't think it had anything to do with me telling him he was slow and repeatedly yelling obscenities at him.

But aside from that, I was nervous because I want My Bitch to be good at his job. I want him to excel and then I want him to attribute it to the good start I gave him. But the process I was teaching him is still under construction. I struggle with it every day. And to teach someone else, when my day seems to be peppered with "I don't know" and "what does that even mean?" (in my inner monologue. everyone should have one) seems like a...challenge (in my state there was no other word to use. My apologies).

But once I started. Oh man, it was something. I was amazing. I really knew my stuff.

There was of course, one dark spot in my cloud of contentment. Early in the process, when I was explaining to My Bitch how to go about finding out if something is paid for (rather than asking the rep to confirm it), Veronica found her way into my Cubicle to point out how wrong I was.

She proceeded to go over exactly what I had gone over with her yesterday. And telling me (in front of my minion!) how I shouldn't be following up anyway because its now the responsibility of the individual representative (this is actually why I will no longer have a job here in a year's time). Well she wasn't there when I discussed the inefficacy of this process with John, who agreed that for the time being, we would be following up. Apparently John doesn't think she is important enough to be notified of process changes. Bonus round points to me!

Don't worry, I put her in her place.

And it felt good.

My point is, all that talking and caring, it took everything that I had (and there wasn't a lot to work with this morning) right out of me. And I'm left depleted and looking towards a well deserved break.


  1. I like how your blog contains both "b***h" and "bitch."

    Really covers all bases. It's good for the purists and the profanists.

  2. Exactly. But My Bitch is also more of a title, less of a word. And I find that b***h is so much less satisfying than say, s**t, or f**k - you know?