Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I'm No Wordsworth

Well we all know that the first day back is the worst. I'm pretty sure that I have mentioned this about 10 billion times. But I thought once more couldn't hurt.

I came back on a good day though. I have the announcement of the men's Olympic hockey team roster (Canadian of course) to distract me (update: I trust Stevie Y). And also, I wrote a poem to my friend Claire (one could say she is the blog muse) to mark her last day tomorrow. It was pretty damn fantastic. I was kind of going for tears. If only for the thought (probably not the words - I'm no Wordsworth (although, does anyone actually like Wordsworth? I think they just say they do)).

But its still early in the day. And surprise, surprise, I did not sleep last night. I'm not really sure what it is about "mondays" that I am unable to sleep the night before. Is it that my brain just can't stop thinking about my body's return to hell? Is it that my body is trying to hold off the return as long as possible? Whatever the reason, it sucks and it should probably stop before people start losing their lives.

In other news, Starbucks managed to not f**k the dog this morning and actually a) get me my caffeine in a timely and orderly manner and b) managed to get it right. Props to the drive thru Starbucks this morning. Seriously, this never happens.

Also, its official. The holidays are over. I know that technically tomorrow is New Years Eve, but Starbucks has retired their jolly red holiday cups so clearly the festivities are over.

Its only a bummer because the next holiday (aside from New Years Day obviously) isn't until...Easter? Christ, I cannot make it that long. Seriously? I'm not missing one? MK I don't even want to hear about how soon your next bank holiday is. No wonder Ireland is in such a bad way- you lot never work!

So Anna was kind enough to keep me in the loop a little bit yesterday while I was away. And I have to share with you my favourite part of that. Apparently Veronica told her that her New Years Resolution (my take on Resolutions? I don't believe in them. No one keeps them. If you want to make a change, just make a change. Do it today. Don't wait til Monday, or the New Year or tomorrow. Just do it. Otherwise, shut up about it) is to stop eating sweets and start eating healthy. Why? Because she needs to get in shape for South Africa.

Not "to avoid diabetes" or "so that I fit in my clothes". No no, all for South Africa. Its 6 months until the World Cup. She might not make it if I have to hear about things like this on a daily basis.

Basically I'm just all around grumpy. I was waiting for those holidays for months. Months! I was counting down work days, planning, packing, arranging- all for those 7 days away from this place. And all those days leading up to it went by so slowly! And the actual vacation? Went by in a snap. Before I really had time to think about it all and enjoy it, it was over. OVER. And I was back in the car on my way home. And to this place. So depressing.

Sure, I have a half day tomorrow. And Friday off (but that's a write off because I will be hungover, lying quietly on the couch until the room stops moving) but after that? Its back to the Monday-Friday grind. And there's nothing I can do about it. I can't give up my benefits to get an extra week's holiday so I only have 3 weeks. Three weeks. I have actually been told that this is a lot of time.

But to those people I say you are crazy.

Three weeks is nothing. If you want to plan a trip to somewhere awesome, like South Africa, 3 weeks is barely enough time. And thats all your vacation. For the year.

I tell you, when I get my new job (and I will get a new job, my 2010 horoscope said I would) I will definitely be getting more than 3 weeks vacation. Or I will like my job. Its not so bad when you like your job. I remember the days of liking my job, I got no vacation. And I was fine with that.

Course I was making no money and living at home so it didn't seem like I really needed lots of vacation time to actually go anywhere...

But I liked my job. I think that was the point that I was trying to make.

So to sum up. I wrote a poem. Got no sleep. Starbucks didn't ruin my day. And my 2010 horoscope looks good (apparently money bags Jupiter stays for about 8 months this year).

Good post.

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  1. Its March 17th! Hurray. Alas since I have no job its not like it makes a damned bit of difference to me.