Monday, December 7, 2009

The Good, The Bad And The Monday

Its happened again. I thought I had more time to prepare. I thought maybe this time would be different, that maybe things had changed.

But there was no stopping it. Nothing I could do.

Its Monday again. And will be all day.

I kind of want to cry about it.

Shall we start with the good? These are always so few and I can get through them so quickly. Maybe it will even put me in the right frame of mind to get through it.

Don't worry- I'm not holding my breath.

OK, the good. The good.

I only have to get through 11 and a half more work days until I get to leave the city and the Cubicle for Christmas. This will mean snow, lots of liquor and that I won't have to lie to The Boyfriend about his present anymore. Because quite frankly, its exhausting and I'm terrible at it.

On my morning sojourn on facebook I found perhaps the greatest picture of all time. The person in the picture will know what I mean and I don't want to embarass her any more, but I would like to say that I'm so proud. And your mom will be too. Also, am impressed by the speed with which I received an email (after I commented on said picture) asking me how I saw that picture since she had untagged it.

And that about rounds out the positive.

Told you, short list.

Let's delve right back into why this day (and all Mondays) suck.

In an effort to save the planet (more like save money, but whatever) the building turns off all the heat over the weekend. Which means that when we all get here on Monday morning its colder inside the building than outside. I wish that I had fingerless gloves to type right now. The skin on my face is now so dry that its starting to itch (despite having liberally applied moisturizer this morning), and so is the skin inside my nose. Super unpleasant. I'm cold, damn it!

The woman on the other side of the wall has been decorating her Cubicle for Christmas for weeks. She brings a little bit extra every week. That's fine- I'm all for vomiting Christmas spirit all over the place. But today she committed the cardinal holiday sin of adding something that makes noise. And she has to show everyone. So now I have to contend with the high pitched sounds of christmas emitting from some snowman, santa or penguin. Awesome. Like Veronica's voice wasn't enough.

I caught the same bus as always but for some inexplicable reason, there was absolutely no traffic on the roads, no one got on or off the bus and we got here in record time. Fantastic- more time to get through here. Like I don't spend enough time here as it is, now the bus has to drop me off earlier? Please! And its not like I can get here at 8.10 and leave at 4.10. No, no no- Cubicle World doesn't work that way. I get here at 8.10 and I stay til 4.30. Otherwise its not fair to everyone else.

My eyes are burning because I didn't get enough sleep. I probably would have had enough sleep (I did get 8 hours) but my body was still recovering from what I did to it Saturday night. Mainly I ingested large quantities of vodka and energy drink. Sunday morning saw me up at 8 because I couldn't sleep any more due to the gentle murmers of my heart hammering out of my chest. The rest of the day was spent curled up under a duvet on the couch, in a surprisingly stuffy apartment watching hangover MTV (did you know they are doing a Spinoff of 16 and Pregnant? LOVE it). So anyway, by the time Sunday night rolled around, my body was exhausted and used all the sleep to regenerate from Saturday night, so really I'm a day behind on the recovery and sleep.

My mom is going to be so proud reading this. Almost as proud as the mom of the person in the picture.

I'm pretty seriously disappointed in myself for this, but I might need to go get sprinkled with a little Starbucks fairy dust to make this day worthwhile. Although come to think of it, the last time I went to Starbucks to make the day right, they made it worse by making me wait for my drink and then not offering me a free one for their f**k up.When all is said and done, at least I'm not the only one braving the Monday. You're all suffering through one as well, right? And there is strength in numbers.

Except that none of you are here with me (except Anna) and its still Monday and its not like once I get through this day it will magically be Friday night. No, it will only be Tuesday. And that's really only marginally better.


  1. Oh no, the curse of the non-challenging 9-5 Cubicle World.
    I send my condolences.

    You know, that bus was probably early because as soon as it's December, people start going on vacation. So that's probably why there was less traffic at the same time of day.
    Oh wait, that probably wouldn't cheer you up, would it?

    Hmm. Well, I used to cheer myself up on Mondays by partying on Monday night. Who says you have to wait until Friday?
    Of course, that was before the days that my liver decided to go on strike and I wouldn't have to spend the rest of the next day hugging a toilet and wanting to flush myself down as well.

  2. See thats the problem! Drinking on weeknights, while helping to take the edge off the 9-5, inevitably makes the following 9-5 that much worse.

    And you're right- knowing that other people are on vacation and this not on the roads, does not make me feel better. Perhaps I will try sleeping in longer tomorrow and see what happens. know what will happen- I will be late.

    No win.

  3. gads, you CRACK me up.
    i'm not stuck in a cubicle, but i also get no breaks and am surrounded by kids all day, every day. so, i'm gonna add one more thing to your 'good' list that you may not even realize: you get to blog whenever you like because you have access to a computer all day!
    and one more 'good': i love reading your blog!

  4. wow thanks!
    I do have access to a computer- thats true. But its starting to affect my eyesight and my posture. So I'm a hunchback who can't see.
    This does not bode well for my future out of the Cubicle, but it should provide entertaining andecdotes for you to read!