Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two Post Kind Of Day

Turns out my little plan not to text Veronica to let her know about the trains is going to have no effect whatsoever.

She's sick today.

Who's in charge you ask?

Turd Ferguson.

F**k. Me.

He showed up at 8am to make sure that Maurice and I were already here because we were the ones that were leaving early. He looks at Maurice "what time are you leaving?" then me "and what time are you leaving?"

I fought the urge to kick him in the face.

Then he announces that Veronica is sick today. Maurice wants to know who is in charge. Turd can barely keep the glee out of his voice when he announces "me!". Focker. Maurice is thrilled too- Maurice and Turd (I know othis will shock you) go way back. Turd is one of the reasons Maurice isn't living in his parent's basement playing video games.

But for me (and for Anna) this is a disaster. I texted her a heads up and even tried to suggest she take this day off. But she was too far to turn back.

Turd walks up and down the halls a few times (no doubt some OCD ritual to make him a success) and then pops back in to talk about reassigning work or some such crap. I had to find out what to do with my work from yesterday- usually Veronica takes it. Turd comes over and perches on my desk (we know how much I love that) and breathes into my face , telling me that he would be happy to take my work instead, and to just send it over to him.

Its a pile of paper that I have just pointed out to him. Does he want me to have it Fed-exed to his desk? I'm afraid that I was unable to keep the sarcasm out of my voice when I asked him if he maybe just wanted to take it with him now?

He leaves.

Only to return 10 minutes later (seriously, he has no work) to shoot the sh*t with Maurice. Maurice decides to ask about break schedule today since we are working a shortened day.

For all you heathens out there (you know who you are) tomorrow is Christmas Eve and traditionally employers let you work a half day (unless you work in retail and then Lord help you). Ours ends at 2 (some half day) but you still get an hour lunch and a 15 minute break. For those of you not as good at math as me, if you work at 9 and take an hour break, leaving at 2 you are really only working for 4 hours.

So even though I'm not here tomorrow I still get the benefit of that time, I just use it today and use a half a vacation day.

Which is why I started at 7 this morning. To leave at 11. That's 4 hours, no break, just work (and blog). Same as everyone else tomorrow (more really, because of the blogging).

This was all arranged, everyone was happy.

Until about 20 minutes ago when Turd, laughing, tells Maurice that we're not entitled to the half day today because its not Christmas Eve.

I'm seriously going to go over there and punch him in the face. I will gladly forgo all my pay today if I can do that.

I never though I would say this but...I wish Veronica was here. At least she doesn't question anything like that. She's simple to manipulate. "Hey Veronica, I'm going to leave at 11 instead of 12 because then we get an extra hour of daylight on the road which is safer, OK?".

I'm leaving in 2 and a half hours.

And finally- because of the transit delay everyone is late. And magically this is fine. But the one time (OK it was twice but out of my control, it was a bus) that this happened to me I got a talking to, told that I should have made other arrangements. Like I have The Sight or something.

Serenity now.

Please read the other post from today. I had to update you. But this really is the last post until next week.

Happy Holidays!

PS - Maurice got his hair "did". A brand new design shaved into it. Pretty!


  1. Have a wonderful trip!

    I'm still not convinced we don't work in the same office....

  2. Well there IS a Laurie here...but its spelled Lori and she's a bitch. So probably not you...