Thursday, December 17, 2009

When The Cat's Away, The Mice Will Play

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Did you miss me?

OK it was only one day, but I like to think that you missed me. You would be the only ones you see. Here in the Cubicle world, no one really notices.

The good news is that Amy has left for her vacation and will not be back until the new year. The bad news is that Amy has left for her vacation and will not be back until the new year. Leaving Veronica in charge.

We are all screwed.

Amy actually came in this morning (even though she's off) so that she could collect everyone's work and get a few things done. The work collection is Veronica's job. Amy said that she wanted to do it so that Veronica would be able to concentrate on the work that she has. Clearly Amy is not trusting that things will get done while she is away.

And she's right of course.

Veronica still came over to check on things. She asked me "so! hows it going?" 3 times in the course of our 5 minute conversation. Clueless wonder that one. And even though I had instructions from Amy to work on The List, Veronica decided that there were too many Reminders set in the system and gave me 100 of them to do. I just finished the ones that she had given me so that I could take another stab at The List. Way to disregard instructions Veronica. You know who's going to take the fall for this though right? Yup, me.

There were some gift exchanges happening today as well. Veronica bought a pair of pyjamas for one of the other girls and then tried to convince her to put them on. I think she might have succeeded (don't know for sure, I'm segregated from the "fun") and pictures were definitely taken. Amy had been out of the office for approximately 10 minutes at this point.

There was screeching and laughing, definitely no working (Veronica has yet to turn on her computer) and the folks in the other department, the hard working folks on the other side of my wall, started commenting about how loud it was in here. And they are right. Its so loud.

Veronica has no concept of what it means to be in charge. Except that now no one else can tell her to be quiet and we can all be friends. She reminds me of an indulgent parent --she wants to be the "cool" parent. The one that can't stand to be thought of as a parent, just wants to be one of the kids.

Well just like in parenting, if you want a productive, coherent, contributing team working for you, you can't be their friend. You have to be the boss. Veronica's still working on this novel idea.

Of course today is the big Potluck and White Elephant game. I'm confident that I will end up with some piece of crap that I will have to drag home before I can throw it away. Unless I end up with that Office Space giftie. Then I can decorate the Cubicle with Flair. I'm hopeful that there will be a fair amount of time wasting in either case. I think that John is still here but if he wasn't, I'm pretty sure that our hour lunch would be extended. I can't imagine that an hour is enough time for Putlucking and White Elephanting, can you?

I had something else to say, what was it? As my mom used to say, if you can't remember, it must not have been important. Which I always found kind of offensive. I mean, who are you to judge that its not important? Maybe it was an its just early onset Alzheimers you know? It will come to me...probably tomorrow.

In the meantime, Roy Disney died! He died yesterday at the age of 79. Incidentally last night (I was feeling better) I went to go watch their newest masterpiece, The Princess and the Frog. I was transported back to the beginning of the 90s when Disney animation was at its finest with The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. The Princess and the Frog totally wins. Its magical. And the new prince is hotter than Prince Eric. Don't even pretend like you don't think that Prince Eric is hot.

Finally, some shout outs to my peeps. When I act gangsta I feel like I can get through the day better. Here we go. Mona, your prof is a class A d-bag and I'm sorry about the re-sit. But like I said, karaoke makes everything better. You should belt out Dont Stop Believin' . Journey makes everything alright. Claire, I'm sorry for the neglect. I'm here for you now. Til wednesday morning. And for the Record- thank you for still checking in. I've been trying to think of a way to anonymously add you in here and I'm happy with the results. I can't believe it hadn't occurred to me before!

Happy Thursday! One more day til Weekend. What are your plans?


  1. I was very depressed about Roy Disney-- he was, after all, the one who took Disney's helm after Uncie Walt died and produced "The Love Bug."

    And I'm grateful for that.

    I'm not grateful, however, for every shitty Herbie sequel that followed-- especially the latest one with that whore Lindsay Lohan getting her cooch-juice all over Herbie's driver's seat.


  2. Yeah not one of their better casting decisions.

    Also- you love Prince Eric.

  3. Prince Eric is mine lady!
    It's nearly 3am in the Dam and I should be asleep (work in 4 hrs) but instead I just *had* to claim ownership of an animated character. I'm a complex woman, don't judge me!

    Tomorrow you're getting a massive update email. Adore you (and the shoutout!) x

    ps. I totally made multiple poor life choices this weekend and I might've busted my liver up for good. I love how appartently I've just only now hit puberty!