Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Turns out this blog project is much more of a collaborative effort than I thought. Sans Anna here I didn't know where to turn to bounce ideas, or be handed ideas on a silver platter. Without Anna, I was left to wander the Internet alone, unguided in my quest for Kardashian knowledge (success today: photos from a TrimSpa ad- I knew Kim and Khloe would find a way), unaided in my need to blog.

The result? If you read yesterday's post, you will be happy to know that Anna is back. She is wondering why there was no archive of Veronica's professionalism from last week. The answer is simple: you weren't here.

You see Veronica is somehow responsible for opening the mail. The mail is mostly full of cheques but sometimes, complaints find their way into the pile of unopened envelopes, waiting for Veronica's discreet eyes to find them and quietly send them to the right person.

Except when I say discreet and quietly, I mean the opposite of that.

Last week Veronica (I seriously keep almost using her real name. One of these days I will mess up and actually use it and then what will I do?) came across a particularly juicy account of a client's heinous encounter with a rep. I'm the first to say that we have some pretty terrible reps. But on the flip side (and I've been on the other side, dealing with the public- you know who you are) there are some pretty horrible clients. I would think that you give the rep the benefit of the doubt until you hear otherwise, and quietly slip the offending letter to Amy so that she can deal with it appropriately.

Oh no. That is not Veronica's style at all. Its storytime kids! She proceeds to read the letter out loud (Veronica has never grasped the idea of an inside voice), shrieking with delight that this person has recieved such a scathing letter! It's right up there with her excitement over Maurice's dressing down.

On the flip side, she was begging like a dog for the District Coordinator to notice her and be her friend. See the DC used to be a Temp, but he was a special kind of Temp. She trained him, but his being a good 10 years older than her (and having experience of the world) intimidated her and she was desperate to show him that she was cool and that she had earned her position (which she didn't- she knew the people hiring, and now knows the people in charge). Well the DC totally saw through that. The DC is a cool guy, we actually get along really well and I am really glad for him that he was able to get an actual permanent, grown up position.

Well now Veronica is in the position of being junior to someone that she hired. And she doesn't like it at all. So she wants the DC to remember how cool she is and how she is the Supervisor of a whole department. DC isn't buying. But its fun for me to watch her try and sell it. Yesterday morning she was all "heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey DC, thanks for coming to see me!" and he's like "well the scanner is over here...", some more 'witty' banter from Veronica before she finally takes the hint and admits defeat (she was training a new girl at the time- Veronica hates to be shown up in front of the underlings). Minutes later, she starts getting all hot and bothered about something a rep did and DC responds to her childish tantrum with "come on now Veronica, its way too early in the week for you to be so bitter".

It was like Christmas had arrived.

The DC always puts Veronica in her place, leaving her with her mouth hanging open unsure of how to proceed. She desperately wants to be on his good side, able to joke around with him, enjoy together the perks of being Superior. But she is also scared of him and keenly aware of the fact that she is junior to him, both in terms of hierarchy and you know, knowledge.

I love to watch her squirm. Its so well deserved.

NEWS BULLETIN: I just totally schooled Veronica. She was working under the assumption that there was no way to find out if something had been paid for (new systems and stuff, we're all getting used to it). But she is wrong. So wrong. I just tried to get her to follow up about getting a payment set up and she told me that it was the reps job and if they didn't do it, there was no way for us to find out and that the auditors would get after them.


There is a way, it hasn't been paid. Follow up Be-yotch!


  1. Totally work w/a "Veronica" myself! It's wonderful when you can make her feel stupid....and how petty and awful is that? But so true!

  2. There is another thing holding Veronica back- she's not an original. We all know one.