Thursday, September 23, 2010

Attack of the Random

You know what I haven't done in a while? Besides write a good post (obviously). I haven't had an attack of random on here in a while. Since I have nothing else going on let's try that today.

Yesterday I saw a picture of Kim Kardashian at Oktoberfest and I was jealous. Not because she looked hot, but because I was supposed to be there right now too! But that whole trip didn't work out the way we had hoped. Now Kim is whooping it up in all the beer tents I was supposed to be in. I take comfort in the fact that she got a super fancy dirndl (traditional Bavarian dress) and mine is actually way more awesome.

I slept in late this morning. I would probably still be sleeping except the phone rang. The Boyfriend noticed too late (but still before me) and just missed it when he ran for it. No message. Now I'm really wondering who that could have been. And why didn't they just leave a message?? I hate when people call and don't leave a message. I really can't stand it. I always leave a message. Admittedly my messages are long and rambly and usually have no point, but at least I am leaving a record of the fact that it was me that called and I would love a call back. You know? I don't leave people wondering who it was that might have called before. Because that? Is annoying.

I bought a new dress yesterday. Its purple.

I don't like Tom Brady at all (has something to do with leaving his pregnant girlfriend I guess) but I can't not comment on this hair of his. What the hell is going on there? I guess the bottom line here is that if Justin Beiber is taking time out of his busy and full twitter schedule to dedicate a post to your hair, you probably need to do something about it. I expected better of Gisele. Or maybe she is mad at him and this is her crafty punishment for him?

No I am not reading celebrity news when I should be job searching. Wherever would you get that idea? I'm just quickly checking in you know? Gotta stay up to date. You don't know when that all will come in handy. Its food for the brain. Or something.

Have any of you been watching pre-season hockey? I'm trying to tell myself that its just pre-season and it doesn't matter but its hard to stomach when the Leafs win a game and the Canucks are still looking for that first win. I'm sure that Ron Wilson and Leafs fans are telling themselves that that win shows that they are a Cup contender but they're not. Honestly we haven't lost a pre-season game since 2007 and we didn't bring home the big prize any of those years. If we have to lose some pre-season games to bring home the Cup then that's a-ok by me. Its just kind of hard to watch at the moment.

Alright kids, thanks for stopping by. I have to go look for a job now so that I can be employed again. And you lot will have something more interesting to read about than Tom Brady's hair. Although, admit it, you're glad I brought it to your attention.


  1. I didn't know Tom's sister played football too!

  2. Right??? So distressing. He does NOT suit long hair.