Thursday, September 9, 2010

Twilight Epiphany

As I may have mentioned I am currently under a self imposed bookstore ban. I  have no money coming in, therefore I have no business being in a bookstore. What's that? You don't need to buy something every time you're in a bookstore? In theory I'm sure that this is true. But in practice, for me, not so much. I can't help it.  I always walk out of a bookstore with shiny new books.

Its a problem.

Well I don't really think its a problem, but when money is tight, yeah its an issue.

That's why I imposed the bookstore ban. I'm not allowed in them. If I go in them I need to surrender my wallet.

This only becomes problematic when I need new stuff to read. Yes I'm aware of libraries. But many moons ago when I was just a little grasshopper I would always forget to return my books on time and would incur heavy (to me) fines. I'm afraid that I will do the same thing now. Plus, I'm not a fan of waiting lists. If I want to read something, I want to be able to get my hands on it right now.

First I trolled my own bookshelves for titles that I might not have read already, or hadn't finished. Then I convinced The Boyfriend that I needed this one book for my book club and ended up picking up a few more titles (they were classics OK, you can't just walk away from a 3 for $10 classics deal. That's criminal).

Then I went to my parents' house.  And started talking to my 14-year-old sister about books. She's just as hardcore a reader as I am and has taken to searching my shelves for books whenever she comes over. This from a girl that a year ago told me that adult fiction was stupid. I thought if she can borrow my books maybe she has books that I can borrow.

Well before she decided that adult fiction was OK my sister had a thing about youth adult vampire fiction. And you know how that started.

What I'm trying to say is...I borrowed Twilight.

And then I couldn't put it down and had to text my sister to ask her to get me the other books asap.

She laughed at me (via text, I think it was laughter...I can't understand her texts most of the time).

The thing is, they aren't good books. The writing definitely leaves something to be desired, Edward doesn't do anything for me and if Bella was my sister I'd slap her. To be that obsessed with a guy is not healthy. Why is this girl not an a$$-kicking heroine? She's dating a vampire, she can't be kick-a$$? But aside from the whiny heroine, I like them. The vampires intrigue me. I want to read more. And I'm ashamed of myself for caving in like this.

So to those of you that got on the Twilight bandwagon before me: I'm sorry that I judged you. I didn't know they were like crack. I take back the eye-rolling and the mocking tone of voice.

I hope that this doesn't also mean that I'm going to be watching the movies...


  1. Your Twilight story could be mine. A friend of mine pushed and pushed me to read them, I finally folded. Mostly to get her to shut up, but dang if they aren't crack... and yes, I was ashamed too. :-)

  2. Oh no you have been brainwashed! There can't be anything good about sappy romantic vampires, can there? I will not give in!

  3. I watched one of the movies and liked it. I haven't given in to the books... yet. But I'm pretty sure next time I run out of material at my in-laws' house, it's more likely to be Twilight from my sister-in-law rather than trashy thrillers from my father-in-law.

    And you can't walk away from 3/$10 classics. That IS criminal.

  4. Heather: I'm glad that someone understands the shame that I feel.

    Koo: Just you wait!

    Rebekah: It will totally be Twilight, and you will feel ashamed but you won't care because you just want more.

  5. i fell asleep through the 2nd episode of Twilight...and yes..the BOYS rented it, not I. how gay of them.



    And yes, Bella is the worst. And she is only going to get worse as you continue reading. But doesn't imaging Edward as Robert Pattinson do anything for you? At least watch the movie, you'll get into him.

    ps. Love your post on the cheap date. I too scored a free movie with my Scene Card last week and the best part was it was Telus Tuesday so I also scored a free popcorn and pop to go with my free movie. That's how you do ultra budget. If you need anymore tips on being cheap, you know where to find me.

  7. Book crack. That's what we call it. Horrible but you can't put it down. I took the books to the gym with me to read on the elliptical, otherwise I wouldn't have left the house. It's a guilty pleasure. Lucky for you, I watched the first movie thinking it would follow suit and it was so horrendous that I didn't feel compelled to watch the others, so no need to worry about those.

  8. Gloria: how embarassing for the boys.

    Niki: you are totally the first person I thought of when I realized that I was hooked and was going to have to own up to it.

    The Record: I totally took them to the gym too but I had to take the covers off because I didn't want people to know what I was reading.

  9. I completely understand! I finally broke down and read the first one because several people whose taste I actually respect had read them. Then, I couldn't stop. You're right; they're not good but they are catchy. Eclipse is my fave. I totally hid the cover while reading in public, too! Haha.

  10. I have to say, I live in Australia and your blog brings me joy but in recent months I have been neglectful. I am now catching up. To my point...I have a theory: Twilight is McDonalds for the brain - it tastes good although not made with quality ingredients, has no nutritional value and you're hungry again an hour later. Compare this to Harry Potter, beautiful ingredients, food for thought and if you do read it again it's to try and pick up all the clues you misses the first time around.
    Krystal from Melbourne