Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday State of Mind

Its Friday. I think.

Fridays used to mean something to me. They meant the end of another week of working under the unbelievable tyranny of Amy and Veronica, the end of another week's worth of John and the beginning of 2 and a half days of unmolested freedom. I counted down to Fridays along with my office warrior brethren. I donned a pair of jeans to honour the code of the casual Friday and hoped for it to be over quickly.


Its just another day on the job hunt.

Last night I went to The Record's place for some girl time along with our friend Megara, who you might recall is also currently funemployed. The Record has to be at work today. Megara and I...have nothing on the agenda (aside from the all important job hunting). At the end of the evening while The Record rejoiced at the prospect of a Friday after a stupidly long week (the first back from vacation, you know how that goes), Megara and I were stunned to learn that it was actually going to be Friday today.

This is what happens when your days all run together. When you can't distinguish a Tuesday from a Friday you know that you have lost all rhythm in your life. You are just as likely to be found running around the mall for something to do on a Wednesday, the kind of thing that used to be reserved for a Sunday and then usually, there was a purpose to your mall ratting.

These days, my days blur together in daytime TV, the same job postings, emails, phone calls and the gym. The only way I might be able to tell that its a Friday is if Days Of Our Lives is extra exciting.

In my anxiety over finding a new job I think that, this week especially, I may have forgotten what it used to be like. How I used to stress over having to go to work, how crappy I felt, how there were frown lines on my face (that have since disappeared, yay!), and how badly I wanted this time for myself. I forgot to be thankful that I have the time to be able to find something that's perfect. Or as close to perfect as anything in this life is ever going to be.

I'm taking my Friday state of mind seriously. I'm going to enjoy it. For all of you office warriors slaving away at your desks, hang in there. Its almost time for weekend. Enjoy every hard-earned minute.


  1. I need to keep up! I didn't realize you were no longer a cubicle drone! While I'm sitting here relishing the upcoming weekend in my blue jeans, I'm secretly envying you the search. Yes, I have a better job than the last one, but the kids at the school I teach are giving me an eye twitch. Seriously.

  2. Thanks for helping me get through this Friday afternoon! I sympathize with, and envy you, all at the same time... it's a very strange feeling!

  3. It is true how some days just melt into the next. Good luck in your search.