Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I know you won't believe me if you've read my blog this week, but I have actually been making the effort to write posts in my head before I end up sitting in front of the computer staring at a blank screen.

But I think I may need to take it a step further and use a pen and paper to write down a general idea of where I'm going with these posts. Or stop doing it when I'm falling asleep. Thinking about blogging right before you fall asleep is an excellent way to wake up without a clue about what you were planning on writing about.

Let's be honest here, my blog is in shambles. It was so easy when I was surrounded by a$$holes and morons, when they provided me with something to rant about. There was so little effort. Stupid things just happened and you were here to witness it.

But now that I don't have that job, or any job, I don't get out into the world very much. I'm terrified of spending any money (which is why it was a bad idea to go to the mall yesterday. Yes, I had to get a birthday present for my goddaughter but I probably didn't need that vintage-y Canucks sweater, even if it is the most awesome sweater ever made) so I tend to stay in my apartment reading or watching TV, job searching (that probably should have been first...), blogging, harassing my friends who have jobs and are therefore too busy to talk to me.

Plus I have nothing going on, no stories to entertain them with.

My telephone conversations are much like this blog: sh*t.

Do professional job search helpers exist? Are there people out there that are so good at searching for jobs that they teach other people their ninja skills? Because I could use one of those. I mean, I already have a recruiter looking for work for me but so far she has totally struck out. Not that I have anything against mining companies, I just don't see myself working for one long term. You know? I'm sure she thinks I'm being picky but if she just read my blog (before it got boring) then she would totally understand why I'm so hesitant to make that mistake again.

Thank you for sticking by me even though I'm boring. I promise to be interesting again one day.


  1. maybe you should go around downtown and start blogging about the celebrities you see around. since you are a total twilight fan you can stalk the stars and be all crazy about it.

  2. ewwwww twilight.....that's like, worse than the playlist on your Ipod....