Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Procrastination Schmocrastination

Today is the day. No more putting it off. I'm going to be good. Today is the day I start looking for a real live job. Pardon me, a career.

When I got "laid off" I told myself that I would take the rest of the summer off. There didn't seem to be much point in looking for work in the middle of the summer-tons of people are on vacation and its not til September that people really start hiring again. Plus, let's face it, I needed to recharge after everything that I had been through. I couldn't face the thought of another office job at that time and that was no way to start a new job.

I enjoyed the summer. I drank in the middle of the day, went to the Shuswap, wandered around my own city, caught up with friends, even got a little sun (but only a little). My face isn't breaking out nearly as badly as it did when I worked in the Cubicle, I don't have meltdowns, I can sleep through the night (wine helps) and my swearing problem is clearing up nicely.

I find myself wanting to go back to work. Wanting the normal rhythms of working a full work week. I'm finally back in that place where I am hopeful that I will find something that I like, where I enjoy going to work most days.

But I'm a procrastinator. And I don't like job searching. Therefore the likelihood that I'm actually going to make this my full time job, the searching...well the odds are slim. The last time I had to find my own job I ended up as a receptionist at a gym. Its been a while. This morning alone I have checked people.com, trolled around on Facebook, learned that Reggie Bush will mostly likely be stripped of the Heisman, and blogged. And that's only been the last 20 minutes. I'm logged into skype and I have every intention of reading all your blogs and commenting.

My work station isn't exactly conducive to job searching either. Back when I had a job (it feels like an eternity ago) the plan was to buy a desk for our spare room to put the computer on. But then I lost my job and the income that went along with that and the desk purchasing was put on hold. Currently? I am perched on the edge of our air mattress, reaching towards one of those Ikea coffee tables where the computer is sitting, strangled by a bunch of cables, that lord help me if one of them pops out. Far from ideal. Kind of a Catch-22 situation too- can't get a desk to help me in my job search until I get a job. Can't comfortably search for a job without a desk.

But it sure is good for throwing myself back in frustration every once in a while. Very cushy.

Also the computer I'm using doesn't have Word. My computer does. But my computer is full and slow and I'm dreading having to use it. But I will have to. Because I have to create my resume from scratch. I had a current copy on my desk at work but since I was blind sided, I didn't have time to email myself a copy.

The good news is that I had a dream last night that I got  a job. I was really excited about it in my dream-it was something communications-y and the people that I was working with were awesome. But I showed up for the interview in jeans and a t-shirt and only got the job because 2 other guys had quit so that they could make pizza in a van.

But let's focus on the fact that in my dreams, at least, I'm employed.


  1. Dude, you've just got to take a deep breath and get on with it I'm afraid ;)

    Good luck!


  2. I know, I know! And I did, I swear! Was just hard to make myself get started.

  3. You know where they have lots of desks, and a quiet atmosphere that's actually very conducive to job searching, and computers with Word on them? The library. You should go there to search, distractions are at a minimum.