Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Witty Title

I went to the gym yesterday. I mention this because its not something that I enjoy doing or do very often (admittedly I should do it more often but there you are).

It was an avoidance tactic.

It worked out fairly well. I found a way to watch Days of Our Lives that The Boyfriend can't interfere with and also, Golden Girls was on. Win win.

OK but before you all get on my case about how I'm not seriously searching for a job, I did that too. I applied for the money I can get while I'm looking, updated my resume, looked at jobs and applied for some too.

More of the same today I guess.

But do you want to know what I learned?

I am seriously underqualified for anything that sounds remotely interesting. When I finished applying for the "free" money, the government system told me that there were 17 jobs that fit my previous experience. I read through some of them and I swear I fell asleep. I guess the government doesn't understand that I don't want to do anything remotely similar to what I was doing before.

So I branched out and started using my own keywords. I'm finding that there are a lot of job postings that I don't even know what they involve. I can't actually tell what the job is. That's a problem. I'm definitely shying away from those. The pre-Cubicle me probably would have applied anyway, with the mindset of "how bad could it possibly be?" Well the job description for my Cubicle job was hella vague. And how bad was it? Very, very bad.

A strange thing happened while I was sitting here though. In fits of I-hate-this-job-and-am-going-to-find-something-else-right-now that I had while I was working the Cubicle, I would immediately be overwhelmed with my lack of job searching abilities. But yesterday as I was sitting here, trying not to fall off the precarious "chair" I had created for myself, I was suddenly overwhelmed with ideas for job searching. I started jumping all over the place. Which means that I need a plan of action. A system for job searching and applying.

Oh and my cover letter writing skills? They need some TLC for sure.

Which reminds me, I have some quality PVR watching to do.

Just kidding!


  1. I Know what you mean.....fml....i went to the UBC campus today for my job and it was quite depressing 'cause i wanted to go back to school like them so bad!

  2. i hate cover letter writing. it's total bs cause half the time they don't even read it. they look douchey too cause you are selling yourself but you don't want to over sell cause they will think you are arrogant. ugh.

  3. Oh my god. People say 'hella' in Canada?! I love it.