Thursday, September 16, 2010


Obviously I've been spending a lot of time contemplating unemployment. I've even reached out to all of my 500+ Facebook friends, sending out blanket status updates in an attempt to get some kind of dialogue going.

No. That's a lie. Why do we update things on Facebook? We want people to pay attention to us.

Anyway, something awesome did come out of it. My friend Angela shared this link with me. And its awesome. Did you look at it yet? It totally showed me that I'm not alone in this, taught me a new word (funemployment) and made me realize that I have no talent (I can't take pictures like that!). But still I enjoyed it.

So let's talk about this word, funemployment. I like it. There's no reason why my time being unemployed can't also be fun time right? I mean, haven't I earned it? Having had to spend the past 2+ years working in an extremely unhealthy work environment? Where I was underpaid and unappreciated? Totally. 

I could use the time to do fun and almost free things yes? A bottle of wine plus good company makes anything fun. Hell we could be drinking on the sidewalk and it would be fun (incidentally I have done that before. There are pictures and everything. It was actually a really fun night). 

So that's sort of my plan right now. To be funemployed. 

I had an excellent talk with The Boyfriend yesterday. There was a comment left on here the other day that really left me unsettled (Tux! Six months! Really!?) and I needed to discuss this with The Boyfriend, get a read on what he's thinking about this whole thing, you know, since he's going to be floating us financially for a while. Does he want me to just go out there and get a job? Or can I wait to find a starting point for a career? Even knowing that that could possibly take a very long time.

Guys, I'm friggin' lucky. He doesn't want me to settle. He wants me to find something that will make me happy. Even if it takes 6 months.

Which definitely made me feel better. Don't worry he mocked me later for all sorts of things, including that my slippers look like the Cookie Monster feet. As long as this means I get more cookies...

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  1. I heart Funemployment!

    And you're lucky to have such a supportive boyfriend :.)