Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Electronic Meltdown

I currently have a very grumpy Boyfriend on my hands.

The TV is breaking in front of his very eyes. His TV, his best friend, the one he watches all important games with, the one that will keep his insomnia company, is failing.

The TV, along with pretty much everything on his car. When you turn right you can hear things scraping, its not good. Obviously the tires still need to be replaced, the gas gauge is broken so we count kilometers to our next fill up and living on top of a mountain, the breaks wear out pretty quickly too.

None of these things seemed to break while we were both gainfully employed. But now that we rely on the one paycheque for everything, well The Universe, or some other rather more sinister source, has decided to have a little fun (for them) with us.

I would say that The Boyfriend has been looking at buying a new TV since we met. Or thereabouts. He's a tech guy, very savvy in that department, but also always looking at the next best thing. If you're having problems with your tech gadgets, or you're in the market for a new TV or some such television enhancing machine, he's totally your guy. He will speak to you in a language you didn't even know existed, unless you are also one of these people in which case you are kindred spirits. Every once in a while he will go online and just look at all the new TVs that have come out just so that he can want the most up-to-date version of the one he wants. If we're in a mall and walk anywhere near a Future Shop or Best Buy, we go in just to ogle the TVs.

So you can imagine how it hurts him to consider that this TV, which has been through so much with him, which he teasingly refers to as being 'ancient' is possibly at the end of its lifespan. Even more devastating is the fact that should that day come sooner than we ever could have expected, right now we aren't even close to being in a position to replace it.

Right now the only solution is to carry the wounded to a place that will hopefully be able to fix it. We'd make them come to us but that would cost us an extra $100 where this way it will only cost us $40 and that money will go towards the repair. Please Universe, let it be an easy cheap fix.

In the meantime, The Boyfriend's quiet devastation has forced me to do something I don't always do-job search in the afternoon. And Universe, if you're listening, can you please send me a friggin' bone here? An interview perhaps? That would be great. If not for me, then for my-ever-patient-quietly-suffering-possibly-soon-TV-less boyfriend.

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