Friday, October 29, 2010

Ghetto Friday Morning

We didn't get around to the cleaning yesterday. So we spent the better part of the morning doing that today. One part of my morning was particularly ghetto and I wanted to share it with you now.

I have been making a conscientious effort in most things to not spend money unnecessarily. You know, since I'm not earning any right now, strictly speaking. Since there is no money coming in on my end, I have to be tightening the proverbial belt.

So there is the self imposed book ban (that is going well for the most part but that has failed a couple of times), the shopping ban (unless it is something needed for the eventual return to work--but you guys? I looked at the bag of pants I bought when I first got laid off and I swear there is a thin layer of dust on it from non-use. Tragic), the ban on going out (you don't need to go out to drink. Its cheaper in your own home, and less douche-inflicting) etc. I realize that all of these bans have explanatory notes attached but please don't take that to mean that I'm not making a serious effort.

I am.

One of the ways we're saving money is by not buying shampoo and conditioner.

You're thinking gross. And if I were no longer washing my hair at all, going for dreads, I would agree with you. But I said we're not buying shampoo and conditioner, not that we're not using them anymore. I have 2 boxes of sample shampoo and conditioners, donated to my cause by the hair fairy. Rather than use a new little bottle every few days, I spent a good 15 minutes this morning transferring the contents of the little bottles into my existing shampoo bottles.

No lie.

As I was doing it I thought to myself "I have got to get a job soon". Although, why waste all that free shampoo and conditioner?? Its still nice not to have to buy it. And don't worry Record, all the bottles were recycled. The Boyfriend tried to throw them away, something about them being soapy, but I told him I would tell you that he threw them away and into the recycling they went.

Happy Friday office workers. And a Happy Halloween as well! I'm going Trick-or-Treating! Jealous? You should be.

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  1. Thank you so very much for verifying! You not only read my mind, but prevented me from having to cause The Boyfriend bodily harm!