Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Ray of Hope

The other night I had dinner with a friend who loves her job.

I feel this is worth mentioning because for the most part I only have friends that are really not that fond of their jobs. The Record started a new job at the beginning of the year and quickly realized that her boss had his head up his a$$ and that her responsibilities were a lot more than she ever realized. Her paycheque though, obviously, stayed the same. Anna and Gloria hated their jobs right along with me and Gloria's new job is not exactly thrilling her.

Basically for a really long time I have been surrounded with like minded people. The kinds of people that are bored with their jobs, hate their bosses, and dream of something else.

But not my friend from the other night. No no. She loves her job. She's a grade 3 teacher in case you all were wondering. It was a long road to get here, she was working several different jobs, never had a weekend to call her own, sometimes wasn't even really making any money and still she kept going because she knew exactly what she wanted to do. And then when she was finished all her required teacher schooling, against all odds, she actually landed a full time job as a teacher (that's almost impossible to do here).

Obviously I am jealous. But honestly she so deserves this job satisfaction after how hard she worked to get it. Mostly it was just reassuring to know that it is possible to love your job. After my previous employment fiasco I had kind of forgotten that it was even possible. The people that I worked with never meant to get into the industry, started off the same way that I did, as a means to an end. And before they knew it, a couple of promotions and 15 years had passed. Game over. You know?

I'm glad that didn't happen to me, but will I ever be lucky enough to have a job that I love? Its definitely possible which is good to know. Honestly I'm pragmatic enough to know that I won't love every single aspect of my job. But I would be so thrilled if I could say that I enjoyed my job, enjoyed getting up to go there in the morning and didn't want to slice my wrists on Sunday night knowing that Monday morning was a short sleep away.


  1. It's good to see you have found a ray of hope in your friend. I'm certain that you will find a place to flourish. How lame that it has to take so long though, eh?

  2. I strongly believe that all of us will find jobs that we all love....I'm a firm believer