Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Long Weekend Letdown

Yesterday was a holiday- Canadian Thanksgiving for me, Columbus Day for you (if you hail from south of the border. If you are from neither of these places then I guess yesterday was just a regular Monday).

On Friday I was scrolling through Facebook status' (but not participating because I had nothing earth shattering to say) and everyone was on board the long weekend train. There was excitement about the fact that the workweek was done, that drinks were waiting, that the Canucks home opener was happening, and that there was turkey involved at some point during the weekend (unless I was reading international status' and then it was either long weekend or just regular weekend but weekend was definitely the theme).

So here's the thing: being funemployed? Long weekends just don't hold the same joie de vivre that they did back when they meant an extended reprieve from my sh*thole job. My 'long' weekend was pretty much the same as every other day/weekend in my current state of hobo-ness. Except that instead of going about my own business there was family Thanksgiving business to attend to and my mother to disappoint (went to The Boyfriend's sister's place for the big meal).

I spent yesterday, the long part of the weekend, in my pyjamas (which I got back into after I went to the gym) reading We Need To Talk About Kevin. Which is a horribly depressing book, but I should have known that since my friend that only reads horribly depressing books recommended it to me. I probably would have done that on a Monday anyway. Except that yesterday I allowed myself to play hooky from the job search which is about the only thing that sort of seems like work to me these days.

I guess in that way today is just like your Tuesday- long weekend hangover but looking forward to the shortness of the week. Even more so for me because we're finally having our housewarming party. First we thought to wait until we were unpacked, then we thought to wait until I had a new job because we would have 2 things to celebrate. But when it became apparent that this process would take a smidge longer than either of us suspected, we decided that we needed a reason to get blind drunk (one that doesn't involve just the 2 of us in the middle of the day) because not having a job can get kind of depressing.

Who knew not having a job could be as depressing as working where I used to work?

No I take that back, it for sure has its moments but it all comes down to not having a paycheque right now. The rest? Is 1000 times better than the last 2 and a half years in that place. Even if I don't get excited about long weekends for the moment. Here's hoping things are different at Christmas. Remembrance Day even!

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