Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sharing Is Caring

Today is not so much about the job searching (on my blog anyway, in real life, its always about the job searching) but more just a couple of things that I wish to share with you.

First up, some sad news or some awesome news depending on your view of the whole thing. Remember back in the summer when the Dutch lost the world cup and my cousin wanted to make calamari? Well she can save herself some airfare because the little bastard died last night. Oh what? I'm supposed to be bummed that an octopus died? Please. A) he's an octopus, a creature I'm not terribly fond of to begin with and B) he predicted the demise of my team. I don't know what kind of crazy octopus voodoo he was using but at a time when my people needed all the positive energy, Paul the Octopus predicted the worst. So rest in peace Paul, but I for one am glad that I don't need to listen to your 'predictions' next time around.

Now the other thing that I wanted to share with you involves 2 famous Canadians. The thing about being a famous Canadian (do you like how I wrote that like I am one?) is that even if you're an idiot, we will still claim you as one of our own. I hope you enjoy this clip. I'm off to search for employment.


  1. Someone took care of the Octopus! So glad I don't have to spend money on that trip anymore.

  2. Thank you for that...that made me feel better about myself...

    Here's another good video you should watch