Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Volunteer Position

For the first time since I lost my job I was up before the sun.

I went back to my morning ritual of having my breakfast in the company of the folks at the Today show. I left my apartment at 7.23 on the dot to take my place among the thousands on their way to work.

Except that while I passed commuters waiting for their buses, I was just on my way to help out my parents by driving my brother and sisters to school.

I know, I'm an awesome daughter. Due to some unforeseen car troubles, it looks like I will be something of a bus driver for the next few days. That's a job right? Think I can pad my resume with that? A volunteer position perhaps?

Probably not.

On a glorious morning like today, it wouldn't have been such a hardship to get up and head to work (I'm so not a morning person). But I haven't completely lost my marbles- I well remember the mornings fighting with my umbrella in gale force winds while passing buses spray road water in my path.

So to the smug employed commuters I say: bad weather is a comin'! I'll wave to you from my warm, dry car as my siblings do their best impression of well behaved kids.

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  1. Hey,

    Have you thought about monetizing your blog? Ya know, putting the ads on the blog so if people click you get paid? Just a thought.


  2. I have thought about it in the past but I feel like it would be pennies you know? I think that a lot of people actually have to read a blog for that to become helpful. Am I wrong?