Friday, October 15, 2010


Here we are at another non-Friday Friday. The end of the week just doesn't hold the same sparkle for me anymore. Its kind of a shame. What to look forward to if not the weekend?

I have been accused of having too much time on my hands. Why? Because I made a radically delicious, perfectly moist banana bread. From scratch. All by myself. Sure there's way too much of it for me to eat alone and The Boyfriend is a proclaimed banana bread hater so there wasn't much point in making it (except that otherwise the bananas would have gone to waste). Its not really a party food either so its not like it will hold over until the housewarming party tomorrow.

But its so delicious. Honestly after force feeding The Boyfriend a piece and being sure that he really doesn't like banana bread (even with chocolate chips in it) I will probably just drop it off at my parents' later today. I'm sure that they will enjoy it. Someone at the house will enjoy it.

So where was I? Too much time on my hands.

Obviously I have too much time on my hands! That's really all that I have going for me right now. If I don't even have the chance to look forward to a Friday, the silver lining to any existence, then clearly I don't have that much going on.

Unless these are comments that you are making in an effort to lead up to something like "but don't worry I have the perfect job for you" and it actually is the perfect job, you probably don't need to tell me that I have too much time on my hands. If you're not here to solve the problem, you can probably save your hilarious commentary.

Aside from the banana bread, and job searching, I think that I have read 4 books this week. Anna, remind me to give you Little Daughter back tomorrow- it was great. For those of you wondering if you should buy Philippa Gregory's The Red Queen, you should probably save yourself the cash and go to the library. I'm not sure what happened to Philippa, but its nothing good.

I apologize for the repeated MIAs but when I have nothing to do, I have nothing to share.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. and fight club...which you didn't enjoy....

  2. I think you should send me some of your radically delicious, perfectly moist banana bread.