Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birds Are Morning People

I am sitting at my desk before 6am. How unnatural and f*cked up is that? The answer is very.

I got out of bed this morning, freezing and ravenous. My alarm went off at 4.45 and a little part of me died. I finally managed to drag my butt out of bed just after 5 but it was touch and go there for a while. Mostly I was terrified that after I turned my alarm off (I still stayed in bed for a few more glorious minutes) I would fall back asleep. The kind of deep sleep that nothing can break through. The kind that would have totally made me late for work.

Which would have been a shame.

As it is I'm scheduled to get out of here just after noon. Amazing.

I promised to be interesting today didn't I?

I lied?

I just ran around the city looking for a Starbucks to be open. Yeah. Starbucks. We decided to give it another shot. It wasn't looking good there for a while- I went to 3 different ones and none of them were open. WTF Starbucks? I haven't totally decided yet what our future looks like. But I mean, if I'm going to start working sometime after 6 in the morning then tea is probably required. And also a chocolate croissant. What? Chocolate is totally a breakfast food.

Is too.

What the hell is with all the seagulls this early? Are birds big fans of mornings? I'm not. I usually tune most of my mornings out. But my body is playing a trick on me where I'm kind of cognizant of my surroundings (so that I don't get stabbed to death by hobos, I'll hear them coming because I'm extra alert) and all I can hear are birds. I think somewhere deep down I was aware that birds are morning people (I have seen every Disney Princess movie and those girls? Morning people.) I have just been blocking it out for the better part of 2 years. Four months. And 22 days.

So have you guys seen what passes for mascots in London? Are those not the creepiest, most messed up looking things ever? I mean, aren't those supposed to be turned into stuffed toys for kids? Those would give me nightmares if they were staring at me in bed. Since when are cyclops adorable? Admittedly this makes me kind of happy. I mean if London has messed up their mascots like this (and their graffiti logo left a lot to be desired, like being able to read it when you aren't in a gang [and yes I know that was a generalization of a lot of talented non-gang-affiliated graffiti artists]) I can't wait to see what kind of problems they run into when its actually time for say, the Opening Ceremonies? The world is watching London. Vancouver? Is watching.

Don't get me wrong. London? One of my favourite cities. But London was not so nice to my city during the Olympics. And I happened to think that it was a pretty good time. Which is big. Because I was not excited about them happening at all. I'm a little excited about the prospect of the world's media getting on some other city's case about the Olympics. Makes a nice change.

Now. Onto the Shuswap. I'm leaving in what? 7 and a half hours? Fantastic. I can't wait. I mean there will be several hours of driving involved. And I promised to do some of it for a change. I have a problem driving on the highway up there. Its long and kind of straight, kind of boring, and very windy. I find it takes a lot of effort to stay awake. Which is kind of a problem when you are supposed to be driving. I shouldn't have any problems today- I said I would take over the part after burgers where the highway isn't so boring and windy anymore. I guess I really make no progress at all do I?

You guys! Starbucks put vanilla in my tea! Normal people probably wouldn't get this excited about it but as evidenced by this blog, I'm not normal and vanilla in my tea has the ability to turn a day right around!

I guess its about time that I got some work done kids. If you're good maybe there will be a little something for you if you come back tomorrow. But you have to be good.

Canada? Have a good long weekend! The rest of you? I hope you enjoy your not-so-long-but-still-probably-quite-nice weekend.


  1. Good Holy Hell, that is early girl. Enjoy the weekend - you deserve it :)

  2. damn that's early.

    you're probably long gone by now!! hope you have a great weekend!