Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coffee Run

Our system wasn't working this morning. Well one of our systems (we work on 2) wasn't working. But its amazing how little work we are able to do without that one system.

What do you do when your manager is away, your acting manager doesn't know what to do about the lack of system and you don't particularly care to help find a solution?

You sort paper. Turns out I'm a really good paper sorter. There were like 3 different piles that the paper could go in and it was my job to figure out which pile. Huge responsibility. I really hope that I did it right. The future of the world depends on it you guys.

After that, the system still wasn't up and running so Veronica came over to me and had a "special" job for me. I was so flattered. I mean, I have obviously proven to her that I am capable of taking on important tasks and completing them efficiently. Was I going to help her run the department today? Check other people's completed work?


I was going to get coffee and donuts for the office.

No word of a lie. She was sending me on a coffee run.

I managed to convince her that I would not be able to carry all the coffee so she decided she would come with me (took so much convincing too). Mostly I just didn't want her to think that she was capable of sending me on a coffee run. I'm a lot of things, but I'm nobody's coffee b*tch ok?

We didn't even end up bringing any coffee back (hello? we have it in the office?), just donuts and muffins. I feel like its a kind of triumph for the tea drinkers out there.

Unfortunately by the time we got back the system was back up and running so I didn't get to make a step by step chart on how to do my job (you know so that other people could learn how to do it by following my masterful instructions). Maurice is away today so I get to do his job. Not that Maurice would ever do my job in my absence, but its all about priorities people. Plus, honestly a chimp could do Maurice's job.That's why its Maurice's job.

Today I am that chimp.

When the system was down, our phones were also down (they are on the same system) so we couldn't call to get it sorted out. John (he's here for just 4 more work days!) decided to deal with it. At 8.30 (after we had all already known that the system was down for a while) he sent an email letting us know that the phones and system were down. We all carried on and when the system was back on shortly after 9 we knew it and got back to work. I just got an email from him a half hour after the system has been back on that the phones and such should be back on momentarily.

Which begs the question: what the hell purpose does John even serve? I mean, Veronica has done a better job dealing with this. And that doesn't say a whole lot about John. But by all means, give John his own business.

This place you guys. Its like working in some alternate cubicle universe. Its like I'm Alice and I fell down the rabbit hole. I'm at the Mad Hatter's tea party or something and they are all going on about un-birthdays and I have no idea what's going on but I'm definitely not drinking the water.

All in all I would say that it was an eventful morning. Well as eventful a morning as one can have in a cubicle world.

Its Hump day. Which is so much better than the Tuesday it feels like!


  1. Well I tend to look at anytime (I mean anytime) away from the cubicle as good. Schleping coffees sucks, but just getting out for treats in a bag or two is OK. I walk slow and claim there was a line up or some sh*t the rare chance I get out. Glad the lake was good to you.

  2. Lol. I wish that I had a personal coffee b*tch at work. That'd be a dream come true for me! :o)

  3. you got to go out of the office for a bit and dictate what tasty sweets we got. yea you have to be in the presence of veronica, but you got out...and when she's not all stressed out and being a busy manager, she can be slightly tolerable. and i'm sure you felt good about her spending her money on something that isn't michael kors or coach. you should've convinced her to spring for could've done it.

  4. You are all psuedo right. Any time away from the office is definitely a bonus. Its more the principle of the thing. Veronica is not in charge of me, despite what she may think. So if she tells me to go get coffee, she's damn well going to help me carry it back.
    But it was a nice way to start the day!