Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You Know?

Maurice is the stupidest boy alive. I say 'boy' because he is so very childlike and it will be many moons more before we can say that Maurice has become a man.

Yesterday he had a conversation with Amy about how she was going to go to Portland this weekend (so if you are going to be in or around Portland in the next few days, please be careful- Amy is a terrible driver) blah, blah, blah. Then this morning he is all "What are you doing for the long weekend? Are you going to the Island?"

No Maurice, she isn't. Try to think back to yesterday, Portland, remember?

Admittedly this is not the best example of his stupidity (the best was when he didn't know what a garland was or thought that 'chivalrous' meant that you were cold), but it annoyed me so it had to be mentioned.

Speaking of stupid, apparently Veronica was talking on the phone last night (after Amy left, because she knows as well as we do that this kind of sh*t don't fly when Amy's around) about how when her boyfriend went to a club without her this weekend, she went to a bar with his sister-in-law and used her boobs to get in. A couple of things. I'm all for using boobs to get in a bar, that's what they're made for. But maybe don't talk about it at work in front of people that sort of work for you? And also, I've seen enough of her boobs (because contrary to the dress code hers are usually on fairly prominent display) and well...meh. The bouncers have seen better, you know?

Kind of a jerk this morning aren't I?

I didn't sleep well last night and woke up to a very dark, very grey, very rainy Tuesday morning. Not good for morale. Even my cup of tea (the kind that I boiled water for and dropped a teabag in and stirred with sugar. All by myself) isn't pumping me up. This kind of weather is a total mood suck.

Starbucks and I are still on the outs. I know that we will eventually reconcile, we always do. When we're together I can only see the bad, but when we're apart I can only remember the good times. I know Starbucks is bad for me, but sometimes Starbucks treats me so well. Sure sometimes Starbucks loses his temper, but he doesn't mean it.

Ok I'm going to be completely honest here--last week I might have had a Starbucks frap. But it didn't have any caffeine! It didn't mean anything. I just...needed a pick-me-up you know?

So on Sunday I was left completely unsupervised at home (The Boyfriend had to work) during a planned power outage. We thought I was prepared, but we were wrong. Sure I was (sort of) able to keep myself entertained (I read some) but in the food department, we were sorely lacking. We thought that the gas stovetop would work but apparently it needed electricity to spark it. I did try using fire but no dice. I was thiclose to using the BBQ to boil water for Kraft Dinner when they turned the power on 4.5 hours earlier than planned.

But not before I cracked my baby toe on the corner of the coffee table (no, it wasn't dark in the apartment, we get very good natural light, I'm just klutzy). Yes it did bleed. Because I'm not in charge of bandaids, I didn't know where they were. I eventually found them but by then the blood had pretty well dried. I mention this because the cut does not currently have a bandaid on it and my shoe is rubbing on it and it hurts. But the bandaids we have here are cheap. Which is a problem because I have a bandaid allergy and as much as I would like my toe to swell and develop a rash, I would just rather not you know? Especially because we are going away soon and the mosquitos already have it in for me. We don't need to add more itch factor.

You probably didn't need to know that, but I'm all about honesty and also, see above. I got nothing today.

Tomorrow evening we're going to look at some more apartments! There's one that we both really like (in theory) so maybe you could send out some more of those good thoughts, voodoo magic (the good kind), spare me some of your good karma, whatever you do and keep your fingers crossed that its even better when we see it and priced to sell and no one else wants it and we get it and we can buy it and live in it and I can quit here?



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