Friday, May 28, 2010

The One Where I Use Brackets (A Lot)

I need your collective karmas and good thoughts directed at me today. More specifically at the beautiful apartment that I saw last night that I need to live in. Please direct your good thoughts at the owners and convince them that they need to lower the price (the unit is overpriced) for my mental well being.

In return I will tell you some funny/idiotic things that have happened to me in the past 24 hours. I'm all about the give and take guys. You give and I take (at this point there would be some drums in the corner that would be all "ba dum dum shoo" or something [that sound effect is probably grossly inaccurate. I do have a problem creating realistic sound effects but I hope you get the gist?])

The day before yesterday I announced that I would like a woman in the office to bake and bring in oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for me. They arrived yesterday. In a Tinkerbell bag. She brought a bag for me and a bag for The Boyfriend (Cars themed bag, more manly). Because these cookies are possibly the best oatmeal chocolate chip cookies ever made I ate one right away. And then another one. I don't think I need to tell you where this went. By the time The Boyfriend picked me up I had about 4 cookies left. Three by the time we got home. Willpower? What's willpower?

Obviously in the evening we went to see the apartments. Apparently in an effort to make us look more respectable (or something), our realtor told the other realtor that The Boyfriend and I had recently gotten married. Because she makes chit chat for a living the other realtor said to us "so you've recently gotten married?" which prompted all sorts of laughter from The Boyfriend and I. We get this all the time from both sets of parents. And now our realtor. Fantastic.

This morning? Tough. All week I have been relaxed and zen (I really like that word these days) and getting up to go to work has not been that much of an effort. This morning, it was a lot of effort. I'm amazed that I didn't fall asleep on the couch watching Today (they can be really antagonistic to the people they interview eh?) I was that tired.

We, being the amazing housekeepers that we are, neglected to run the dishwasher last night. When I went to make toast this morning (no oatmeal, all the bowls were dirty and in the dishwasher) there was a) barely enough bread and b) no knives for spreading because...they were all dirty and in the dishwasher. Rather than clean a dirty knife (an idea which seriously did not occur to me until right this minute) I used a teaspoon. Yeah. A teaspoon.

(I just came across someone who's last name is Boogers. We've been having a good chuckle about that one. Because we? Are mature like that.)

When it was time to leave I decided on a pair of nice wedge heels. They are pink. But I don't want you to get the wrong idea that they are barbie pink or anything obnoxious like that. I'm not going to the club you know (although I would totally rock them if I had them). They are like a dusty rose? But brighter? Anyway. They are nice. But my feet? I don't know whats wrong with them- its always something. Today one felt kind of bruised, but like in the bones. I realize that I'm not making any sense, bare with me. I'm walking down the street, beside this old man, to catch the bus. All of a sudden I totally almost fall. So much so that the old man, who isn't having any trouble walking, says "whoa! be careful, you don't want to fall!". I sure don't mister, I sure don't.

Then the bus turns the corner and I'm still half a block away. The bus was totally early. Not cool. So now I have to run. Which I do and I make it, but my headphones fall out and I don't know how I didn't trip all over them in my attempt to make it to the bus. While I'm pulling out my bus pass for inspection, a woman on the bus points out that my headphones are on the ground and I'm pretty well crushing them with my pretty shoes. If they had stopped working I think I would have got off the bus and called it a day.

You guys? We made it to Friday. Enjoy your weekend (a nice long one if you live in the States), lord knows we all deserve it!

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  1. I am wearing dusty rose coloured shoes today too! And may break another elbow! I am sending you good thoughts so you get the apartment you want! Good Luck and Happy Friday!