Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gleeful (Meaning Full Of Stuff About The Show Glee Not Happy)

Because I fear that I will get nothing done today if I rant about this and how I don't even make that, today is going to have to be a random collection of thoughts rolling around in my head.

I know, I know. You visit me because I always offer so much substance, but all that substance takes a toll on my brain you know. And I need a break. So instead of going on about how they lied to me about how much raise eligibility I was up for, and how they didn't tax me properly forcing me to pay way too much in taxes or even about how when I mentioned this to Amy she tried to fob me off and tell me that it was my profit share that made my salary show as $6000 more than it actually is...a random collection of thoughts.

I know right? Who makes $6000 in profit sharing? If Amy does, something is even more f*cked here than I realized.

I'm not sure what the hell is going on with the weather in this city but someone missed out on the memo that ITS MAY. It feels like March! And the random wind and rainstorms I could definitely do without, unless I am snug and warm in bed or cuddled under blankets on the couch watching movies or reading. So weather? Sort your sh*t out OK?

How great was Glee last night? So great. The whole Olivia Newton-John thing? Loved it. You know what I didn't love? That Idol (which I have stopped watching because they suck this year) ran late (again) and messed up the PVR recording of Glee. So when Jesse walked out on Rachel...I don't know how that all ended. WTF? There are what? Five contestants left? And you need more than an hour? Sort it out.

On the plus side 2 of my books arrived from The Book Depository. If you haven't already visited and you like to read you need to bookmark it. They have free shipping you guys. Its win/win . One of them showed up at work (the one Marian Keyes book I could never find) and then one showed up at home. Obviously did something wrong with the billing and shipping address buttons...but they both made it. I'm still waiting on 2 more. Not to be creepy but watching other people shop is the best part.

It just took me 3 different attempts to download more Glee music. Either I'm really stupid this morning or the technology is messed. Could go either way.

My cubicle buddy Maurice is the most special person ever. He has been arguing with Veronica and company for about 20 minutes about how he's right that the weather where he lives is different than it is where we work. But somehow he is never prepared for the weather in the city. Never brings an umbrella. And then complains when it rains (it will ruin his hair). I told him to just always put an umbrella in his purse. Or satchel whichever he prefers. He stoneface informed me that the correct term is Murse. My bad.

There really is nothing rolling around in this head of mine today is there? I'm trying really hard (I'm sure that having read this far you would argue otherwise) but nothing is happening. I guess I'm going to have to leave you all here for today and hope for better things tomorrow. I'm going to put in my headphones and have a Glee-tastic day and there is nothing you can do about it.

Glee-tastic is probably a bit strong. But at least the strains of show tunes and pop songs artfully collected in a series of teen anthems from FOX will drown out the sounds of Veronica flirting and running and laughing and getting nothing done (as she yells "I'm distracting the whole office!" all proud-like. My f*cking supervisor. How is this possible?).


  1. Two things:

    1 - I had to scrape my windshield this morning. There was no scraping in February when we were hosting the winter Olympics, but now that it's May, there's frost. This is my impressed face.

    2 - Thanks for ruining Glee for me. A warning would have been nice. In any case, go to today and you can watch the episode from the part where your PVR cut out. Enjoy :)

  2. Um Record- I couldn't have ruined it for you because I didn't get to see the end! It kept going for at least another 2 minutes. Anything could have happened. But thank you for that tip.
    As for the scraping...messed up.