Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stonefaced B*tch Slap

Well yesterday was just about the worst day ever. And considering where I work and the high opinions I have of my co-workers and managers, that's saying a lot.

Let's recap and at the end you can marvel at the fact that I'm not hanging from a rafter somewhere. Shows real strength I'd say.

Yesterday Amy threatened me. With my job security. She gave me a final verbal warning for something that I didn't do.

Balls right?

I had received a message from a girl in the office that was telling Veronica to shut up. And to be fair, Veronica was being hella loud first thing in the morning. The frustration stemmed from the fact that had this been anyone else making all the commotion, they would have been told to shut up. But Veronica is always above the rules.

We're not supposed to use the in office messenger for anything other than work. Because we are children and can't be trusted.

I sent a message back laughing, which was seen by Amy as she stood over the shoulder of the other girl.

She thought she saw me saying shut up and jumped to conclusions and voila! I'm sitting in a meeting room being given a final warning and asked what I'm even doing here since I don't like it.

True. But I flatter myself that I have been open and honest with them (in the best possible way) about the reasons why I'm here. Mainly my desire for a mortgage and how I need job stability to achieve that. At least until the papers are signed anyway. They have never seemed to be offended by that. Rather they have been understanding. Especially since I have made every effort to pretend to be fine here (mostly so that I don't have to have these little pow-wows anymore).

The meeting was kind of long. I have a tendency not to be able to let people talk to me like I'm an a$$hole and where I truly feel people are wrong (as in this case) I don't back down. I made some excellent points. Amy was pissed.

Have I mentioned that this all happened first thing in the morning? I had to get through the rest of the day with Amy angry, Veronica pissy (oh. yeah. Amy had the decency to pass along the exchange to Veronica. I'm still not sure what purpose this served) and me seething at the audacity of Amy to even bring this up with me.

The thing is I have no recourse. Its not like I have someone in the office that will take my side and protect my interests. I don't even think that that person exists in the company. I can't give Amy a verbal warning for being a b*tch. So I just stewed all day.

Needless to say I needed the Canucks to win to make the day worth anything.

And that didn't work out very well. I defiinitely don't want to do a post-mortem. I still love them and know that one day they will bring the Cup home. It just wasn't meant to be this year. But that only takes the sting out of the loss so much right now. Mostly its just heartbreaking.

I definitely don't want to discuss the Habs and how they are doing. So if anyone brings that up to me, they might find themselves with a black eye.

Just sayin'.

Especially if this point of view comes from someone who abandoned me yesterday.

That's right folks. Anna left me here to fight all by myself. And she's also a dirty Habs fan. She split her loyalties. My personal opinion on that is that the Canucks felt it and consequently they failed. I'm sure the Habs feel it too. Time will tell how they live up to partial loyalty.

I had a lot more self righteous anger to spew into the blogosphere this morning but Amy really caught me off guard this morning when she asked if we could have a meeting. I was going to ask for one anyway, I had some more to say to her. I went to the meeting room ready for this big long speech about how great I am and how dare she treat me like that.

And then she apologized.

And took back the final verbal warning. Told me how badly she felt about how she was such a b*tch to me. How I didn't deserve that and how hard I work. How she couldn't sleep all night thinking about it (me either, but that was more because of the devastation surrounding the playoff end).

What has all this left me with? Some form of faith in my manager. Not a lot, but maybe it will grow.

So the faith and a sh*tty tea because Starbucks, who I was counting on to not make this day suck, f*cked up my drink.

I think I came out on top. But the crap tea is really doing my head in. I keep drinking it hoping it will be good. And it keeps not being good.

I need weekend.