Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Anger Alert

How come when you are beyond exhaustion and want everyone to just shut the hell up, everyone is in a chipper f*cking mood?

I'm not a fan of overly chipper people on the best of days. But today, the sound of Veronica's voice makes me want to stab myself in the eye a little. Or a lot.

Apparently she was up late. But she got to come to work an hour later than she normally does. Just a quick text to Amy. We're not allowed to do that. Obviously. We have to arrange these kinds of things ahead of time. And call Amy on her office phone. Veronica can just text her.

Oh to be in charge and blatantly disregard all the rules. Rules are for mere mortals after all, not supervisors like her. Like she's some kind of superhero. Please. You're a super mess.

Wow if I have to listen to talk about South Africa all day today I might just lose my mind. I am in no mood to discuss the crime rates in South Africa, what the currency is, what cities you will be visiting, your f*cking bed and breakfast or the camel you will be riding backwards. Don't you have work to do???

And why is Georgia feeding her more questions? Why do you want to know? Do you actually care? More likely a ploy to keep her talking and distracted from doing work. If this is the case, respect to Georgia. But mostly I just wish she would stop.

I think I might finally have reached my breaking point. I cannot see myself doing this much longer. I have held in here about a year and a half longer than I planned to. I watched friends lose their jobs last year and scramble to find something else and even though it sucked being here, it was a paycheque. And I needed that if we were going to be in a position to buy an apartment this year.

And we are there now.

So I only need to hold on a little longer.

But every day that I hear about South Africa, or how Veronica gets special treatment today, have to deal with stupid people that get nothing done or listen to John talk about anything, a little piece of me dies.

I had to give up the chance to go to a hockey game because of this place.

Last night we got an email that they were thinking of getting a group rate on tickets to a hockey game. I got all swept up in the idea of going to a game (how much fun are they???).

But when I got home and told The Boyfriend about this brilliant plan, I was hit with a dose of reality.

If we go to that game with work people, John will be there. John will be at the hockey game with the potential to ruin all the positive associations I currently have with hockey and going to a game.

It's not a risk I'm willing to take (that and the chance that The Boyfriend will get done for assault after he punches John in the face...maybe that is a risk I'm willing to take...).

So no hockey game for me.

Thanks a lot John. Let's add that to the list of things you have managed to ruin for me. Right up there with my professional life, cruises, amusement parks and my sanity.

Angry post today eh? Can't be helped, I'm losing my mind. Come back tomorrow and I might have something better for you. But, no promises.


  1. Thought you might need a pick me up...sorry for the weird linky thing, just copy and paste. Totally worth it, believe me.

  2. Good choice!

    Hockey should be treated as the oasis that it is....There must be nothing done to sully it!

  3. VEG- thank you, I'm going to talk to my doctor. Assuming he gives a f*ck.

    Laurie- Right?! Can't take the chance at ruining an institution.