Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mixed Signals

Yesterday I came to work, changed out of my rain boots and noticed that I had put my tights on inside out. This is what comes of dressing in the dark.

Well yesterday did not turn out to be a very good day. I blame it on the tights. And someone who bet against their country.

But today, my tights are on right. However, its not shaping up to be a much better day.

Let's start with something light, from yesterday.

I overheard someone in the other department on the phone with someone that, I'm guessing, was new to the job. In order to make that person feel more comfortable our guy says "oh that's OK, I'm happy to be your first".

Isn't every guy?

I'm sure it sounded innocent enough in his head, but to my guttermind, oh man.

So yesterday I ended up postponing my post all morning because I was sure that John would walk up behind me and catch me. And that would be bad. He had told me the night before (as I was leaving) that he had some concerns about that damn List of his that I work on.

The conversation amused Anna, so here it is for your pleasure:

(at 4.20 (I leave at 4.25))
John: hey, I know that you're on your way out...
me: yes. I am.
John: *pause* OK I just had some concerns...
me: well can we deal with that tomorrow? (I'm not even looking at him, just carrying on with shutting down)
John; so I guess I will take another look and I will email you the details.
me: sure.

I showed him right?

So all morning I'm waiting for him to show up, or send me an email. Which he doesn't do. So I get trained on other things (things that require mucho printing, right when they are taking my printer away. smart) and am plugging away and finally Anna tells me that "its better to walk into the lion's den than for the lion to find you". I really liked the visual. Although I tend to think of lions as being noble creatures and I definitely do not associate the word noble with John. Serpent-like perhaps. Or sneaky. Diabolical. Douche-y. Those sound more like John, less like lions.

But I got the point. I went to look for him, but he was in a meeting. Surprise, surprise. No doubt something to do with where to go for coffee today. So I sent him an email. I told him that I was wondering if he still wanted to talk about his concerns about the List and that I hadn't had a chance to work on it because I kept being assigned other duties. I told him that I didn't think that other people (namely Veronica) were taking the List very seriously.

Hours later, I got an email telling me that the List wasn't that important and to concentrate on other duties. But then this morning Amy tells me that John still wants to talk to me about his concerns regarding the List.

I am so confused.

As she tells me this she hands me a stack of new work and tells me to forget about everything else. But first to finish the stuff from yesterday.


Now its been a while since I have given you all an update on Veronica. And I'm sure that you are all dying to know what is going on with her. I would be.

As you are no doubt aware (I am reminded almost daily), Veronica is going to South Africa for the World Cup. So every day there is some kind of update on her progress. I'm fairly certain that her flight is booked already. To be fair, Anna is the one that gets most of these updates firsthand (I tend to tune a lot of it out at this point since its going to be a long 6 months) but she lets me know what's going on.

Apparently she is leaving in just 150 short days and she has a million things to do. Obviously she needs to know more about the history of South Africa so she is working on reading a 10 page summary. I guess 10 pages should just about sum it up right? After all, its not a complicated history or anything. And reading 10 pages should definitely take the better part of a month. But then again, this is the girl who thought that reading Russell Brand's Booky Wook was difficult.

She needs to get a passport. I'm assuming she already had one because she did go to Mexico last year, but I guess it has expired. I'm betting that she waits a long time to get that done and then stresses about it last minute.

Apparently before she leaves, there are weddings and bachelorette parties that she has to plan and/or attend. I think that she believes that if she and her boyfriend of 9 years are the last ones standing, she will finally get that ring and her happily ever after. I'm more inclined to think that in the end she will get nothing. I've met the guy, heard the stories- that boy is not going to marry her. And, honestly, that makes me feel bad for her. I wish she could see it and move on.

There's one more thing but I feel really hypocritical judging her on it. So I won't.

If you kept track- that is 4 things to do in 150 days. I can see why she is stressing.

Let's just all move on from yesterday and hope that as we get closer to the weekend, the Universe does us a favour and speeds up time. And then obviously slows it down again over the weekend.



  1. What the hell..does John have someone replying to his emails for him?

    Veronica sounds...interesting.

    I never dressed in the dark before..I must try this.

    Happy Blogging,

  2. She sounds like an airhead. But she gets a few bonus points for thinking to read up on the history of the place before she goes in the first place.

  3. Dressing in the dark is not a good idea. But I didn't want to wake The Boyfriend and I was still half asleep myself.

    SassyGirl- she gets points for the idea of wanting to read up on the history. I have yet to see this supposed "book". She probably just read the wikipedia entry on South Africa.