Monday, January 11, 2010

Early Bird Gets The Worm

Why would anyone show up at work at 7am if they don't have to?

Well there was a minor airport detour this morning. The Swede has left. Am sad. She needed to be at the airport for 5.30 this morning, and being the superstar friends that we are, The Boyfriend and I accompanied her. Probably for the best-- there was a close call with the United Airlines agent. If we hadn't held her back...well I hope the woman's family is grateful.

But leaving the airport at 6.20, I either go to work, call in sick or go home and come back later.

Tempting though it was to call in sick, I'm trying not to do that. Or at least save it for later this week. Going home just to get on the bus and come to work seems ridiculous. So here I am.

Sad, and puffy eyed, but working. On my blog.

I'm not going to lie- the airport scene got a little messy. Am so not in the mood to deal with anyone's sh*t. Like people that eat other people's yoghurt.

I don't know who did it (twice!) and I'm not going to be that person that sends out an email about eating other people's yoghurt. But I'm annoyed. That's my damn yoghurt. I have so few pleasures in my work day and my yoghurt is one of them. Today I took precautionary measures. It says my name in giant, fat, black sharpie letters. So if someone eats it today- well that's no longer a mistake, you're just an a**hole.

You know that today it will be something to small that sets me off.

I'm trying to think of today as a practice run.

This might be giving too much away, but a little thing called the Olympics is (are?) coming to town.

Now I love the Olympics as much as the next person. All those demonstrations of insane physical talent. The stories behind the champions. The records broken, dreams reached, and superstars made. All of it, I love. I'm seriously an Olympic junkie.

But honestly, not this time.

Not in my city.

I figure my city is already on the map, we don't really need to be drawing more attention to it. Plus all that money that is being thrown at Olympic sites and officials- I feel like we have more pressing problems that we could spend the money on.

Then again, I'm just a disgruntled blogger, so I don't know anything.

OK so I had a point.

I work in the city. The heart of the city. The city is going to be closed to traffic.


Sure, buses and the skytrain will still run. And I take the bus, so I should be fine right?


Last week the transit authority comes out and tells regular users to expect extreme delays when using transit after between 7 and 9 in the morning and any time after 2 in the afternoon (Hey! That's when I use transit! Cool!) As if a football game, concert and the fireworks were all ending at the same time, for 18 nights straight. You could be waiting for a train to get out of the city for 2 hours.

A lot of offices are shutting down for that reason. Don't think its worth the headache (I concur). Some are forcing their employees to take their vacations. Some are giving a week's free vacation. The really awesome ones are just shutting it all down, with the option of working from home.

But I don't work in any of those places.

Solution? Start early, leave early.

This means that for the 2 glorious weeks of Olympic sport, I get to wake up at 4.30, leave my house for 5.15 and get to work at 6am.

Its going to be an Olympic event just getting out of the city in the afternoons. All those extra people.

The executive team? Working from home.

Way to set an example guys.

I guess it could all turn out OK. Maybe no one will come?

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  1. i would totally figure out a way to put something disgusting in my yogurt to teach the yogurt thief a lesson!

    good luck with the olympics. i know VEG isn't looking forward to them either.