Wednesday, January 20, 2010


You know how when you were a kid you engaged in some superstitious behaviours? Like not stepping on the cracks of the pavement (didn't want to break your mom's back) or all the hooplah that surrounded a Friday the 13th (you might still be freaked out by that).

Sometimes I still do that. I look for signs that it will be a good day. Or try and play a game (by myself, so sad) to see if I can't make it a good day. Maybe I will see a stag galloping beside my bus in the mist, or see an eagle flying over the bridge on the way to work (both happened, one to me, one I stole)--omens for a good day right? Or I will tell myself that if I walk faster than this guy beside me until I get to work, then it will be a good day.

Not sure why I bother. Guess I'm kind of superstitious by nature (my grandmother was really bad- no shoes on the table. means poverty. don't walk under ladders, black cats were the worst and don't ever get her started on the number 13) so I can't help but play these little tricks.

None of them work though. Days at work are still crap.

Today my competitive nature is being manipulated to see who can do the most work. My record is 146. No one can beat that (and actually, I don't think anyone will be attempting it since the other "competitors" [I use the term loosely] have other things going on) but I'm still in competition with myself. And as Monica put it on Thanksgiving, that's the best kind of competition.

But it doesn't make for a good day. Maybe it will make it go away faster- but just as likely it won't.

Today I think I will constantly be looking over my shoulder to ensure that John isn't standing over me. Such a bad habit- didn't his mother ever teach him any manners? Actually maybe his mom knew what he would become and dropped him off at the nearest church. I would have. Dumpster even. He was probably raised by lunatics. Or inbred drunk city planners.

So I sit in my Cubicle, prepared to be ignored. And have to listen to Veronica "train" another new person. Another one, seriously. This one doesn't offend me quite so much on sight, but give her time. I mean, they hired her so there has to be something wrong with her right?

Veronica's like a broken record and I don't even think she realizes it. "Don't worry, not everyone gets 4 monitors" she says every single time she has a new person. She implies that she is very busy and important when, in actual fact, she is neither.

Yesterday, chocolate was offered around and I didn't get any. Don't misread that. It's not that I didn't want any. A little afternoon chocolate could have gone a long way to placating me. I was not even offered any.

Its like my Cubicle (and I think that Maurice has a lot to do with it, all personality-less) is in some kind of black hole and you can't find it. Yet people walk through it all the time. Mainly John. Maybe you have to be an a-hole to find your way in here. Who knows. I'm no physicist.

Do physicists deal with black holes? They do now.

Uh oh, I feel the rage starting to bubble over.

Basically, I have this plan. And its a pretty good one.Everybody wins. I propose to take the 2nd week of the Olympics off, and just not get paid. I don't want to take vacation time, I don't want to bank a bunch of hours, I just don't want the money. Believe me, its not that much. But I can't get an answer out of anyone either way.

Just a lot of "we're going to try and be flexible", "it has to go through HR channels", "we want to make this work for everyone" etc.

Basically just a bunch of non answers.


I better stop before I give myself a rage stroke.


  1. Those inbred drunk city planners are the source of all of the problems in this world, just you believe me!

  2. Maybe they should get off their tractors once in a while eh?

  3. The whole stag thing made me think of Harry Potter, which of course, I then had to google Daniel Radcliffe, where I found pictures of him in the buff (purely accidental, I promise). Is it disturbing that I find him oddly cute?

    Anyway, not a lot getting done on my end.....Hope the a-holes get back to you soon!