Monday, January 25, 2010

Conan O'Brien

On Friday night I watched Conan O'Brien say good bye to The Tonight Show. I didn't see it coming, but Conan touched me.

Not inappropriately. But like in the heart.

He said that nobody gets exactly what they thought they would in life, but that if you worked hard, and you were kind to people, good things would happen.

If Conan O'Brien can still believe in the good in people and that good things will happen, after his dream was ripped away from him, then so can I right?

So I have been thinking about that this weekend. A lot. Even last night when I started to cry because it was only 10 and The Boyfriend wanted to go to bed. But if we went to bed, then I would fall asleep (maybe, it was Sunday after all), and if I fell asleep then I would wake up and it would be Monday.

You can see why I was upset.

Well Coco was right. He really was. I have been working hard the last few weeks (completely accidentally, there is just nothing else to do here all day), and even being nice when I can. Sure, sometimes snark just happens, but for the most part I have been trying to be pleasant.

This morning Amy came over and asked if I could come for a little meeting. We picked up John along the way.

I was prepared to be a b*tch. I'm not going to lie. I knew what it was about, and I didn't think it would be good.

Sometimes its nice to be wrong.

But only sometimes and never when it means that The Boyfriend will be right.

Some of you may recall that since the Olympics are coming to town, I have to adjust my hours. In order to be out of the city by 2pm (as advised by the organizing committee), I need to be at work for 6am. Which means waking up before 5. I'm not a morning person. I can barely be pleasant before 9am. Can you imagine working with me at 6 in the morning?


So I said that I would do that for the first week and then not come in for the 2nd week, and just not get paid.

Apparently this was a really weird idea. Not get paid? How will you live? Like I get paid so much money. Seriously, I think panhandlers make more than I do.

Today I got what I wanted.

Not even kidding.

John and Amy said that HR wasn't too keen on the idea, but that in recognition of the hard work I have been doing, "owning" the process (and some other corporate jargon that I don't need to defile my blog with) etc they wanted to reward me.

I think my jaw literally hit the ground.

I didn't know what to say.

Its like when you are arguing with someone over the colour of the sky and you're all its blue and they are like its brown and then you're like no its blue! And you're prepared to go into battle to prove that the sky is blue and the other person just folds and says OK its blue.

You were prepared to fight and now you don't have to, so what do you do?

You smile, say Thank you and get back to work.

Stunned. But aware that it was the least they could do.

Now, if you haven't already seen it- I actually posted yesterday. I know, on a Sunday. But it was a special occasion, you shall see.

I heard you Conan. I will do my best.


  1. Oh, if only I could do that. Because I SO want to hide for the entire Olympics. But after last week's rant, perhaps the Olympic cops will come and render me to Syria during that time, which probably will be more pleasant anyway.

  2. You know, Conan is Harvard educated, so don't feel too sorry for him...(and he's getting like 45 million, 32 of which is just his)

    Any time someone is nice that usually isn't, I'm always convinced they have an ulterior motive. I should be a conspiracy theorist. Seriously.

  3. VEG: I think Syria could be very nice this time of year. Less rain anyway.

    Laurie: Conspiracy theorist- you are looking for a career change right? I know he's getting $32 million, but I still feel bad for him. I can't help it, I'm a bleeding heart.