Monday, January 4, 2010

Tried On A New Attitude. It Didn't Fit

Predictably, last night being Sunday, I did not sleep.

But I tried not to let that ruin my Monday (like anything I could do could make a Monday worse). I got up, showered (see? I tried to respect Monday), had a healthy well balanced breakfast, got in some Ellen time and walked out the door ready to start the new year with a new attitude.

Its not like the thought of calling in sick didn't cross my mind as I lay in bed pleading with Mr. Sandman to send me a dream. But I ignored it (showing incredible strength of character I might add) and got up and went to work. Like a good little worker bee.

I'm not really sure why I bothered.

Today it is pouring rain (well it was when I was walking to the bus, it seems to have abated somewhat now, a futher F**k you from the Universe perhaps?) and I forgot that my umbrella is literally in shambles. There were some rather violent windstorms recently and my little umbrella got swept up in them, turned inside out and very nearly ripped from my chapped hands, several times. One of the arms (are they called arms? no idea- today they are) is sticking out, waiting to poke someone in the eye (most likely me) and in the meantime, contents itself with getting caught in my hair, shawl, hat, anything and everything.

So by the time the bus rolled up, I was pretty soaked.

And wouldn't you know it? On this first day back, there is traffic. Unusually heavy traffic. Turns out a pedestrian was hit. By a bus. On my route.


(Coincidentally, a bus that the Swede was on last week hit a pedestrian).

Not a good start for anyone. Obviously this is actually really tragic but what kind of blogger would I be if I allowed this post to take such a horrible downturn? I shall only dwell on the mundane and annoying, not actual bad things. Those I like to ignore.

I narrowly manage to get to work on time (they also changed where my bus stop is. It used to be a block from work, now its 2) only to realize that Claire is not here to feel my pain. Today is the first day of her new life...

Hold everything. John is back. I just heard his voice. Damn it! I really hoped that he would come down with some horrific affliction while he was in Mexico. Or maybe something else bad would happen- there is a lot of drug violence down there, you never know!

But no. He made it home, slightly burnt but otherwise, none the worse for wear.

I'm losing patience quickly.

They want me to do some work (obviously) but haven't actually given it to me. So I'm not sure exactly what they want me to do in the meantime...

I'm just really annoyed that John is back. He's so sneaky and he will be lurking, waiting for me to do something wrong. Before he left he caught me reading someone's awesome blog (thanks a lot Mr. Apron ) and was all what are you doing? I told him I needed a mental break and he said that I should be putting up my break sign if I was going to do that.

That's right. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have little magnets that we are supposed to put up on our cubicles when we are on our designated breaks. We are like children.

Oh goody, now I get to learn how to do something new. Not sure when I will have time to do this, since no one else helps me with my current job. But I guess all things are possible in the Cubicle Nation.

Its a long way til April...


  1. It totally sucks coming back from a long weekend. Especially when your boss works while you're off and has stuff stacked five foot high on your desk on your return. I really, really, really wish I would've called in sick. What happens in April?

  2. Easter.
    The next stat.
    We don't get president's day. Or Martin Luther King Jr day. Or a Flag day. From now until April 2nd, we get nothing.

    And yes, it does suck coming back to work. I'm really glad that the managers got such a nice rest though.

    Except I'm not. At all.

  3. Wow. I can't believe I'm someone's Mental Break. That makes me feel really good, even if it's someone who puts their tights on inside-out.

  4. Wow. IDK how you do it. I have an umbrella and one of it's little metal thingies, or I'll use your term, arms was sticking out and I don't know why I find it so damn embarrassing. It's like walking around with toilet paper on the bottom of your shoes or your skirt tucked into your underwear with 1/3 of your butt cheek poking out. Anywhoo, my 2010 has been uneventful so far also.
    Bah humbug.

    Happy Blogging,