Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sometimes I Care About Others

Try as I might I can't think of anything interesting or amusing to talk about today. So I fear that today will be one of those really random (I hate that word), hastily put together list of ramblings from a quasi-insane person.

Sometimes these turn out well, but more often than not I feel like it would have been better to just not.

I have to go to the dentist tonight. I'm not one of those people that has an actual phobia of dentists or anything, but I don't take particular pleasure in going either. Sure, my dentist is a nice guy and the hygenists are lovely too. But come on-- going to the dentist sucks. I'll probably have a cavity or something. Must drink more milk.

Other than that I think I'm just exhausted from this week. All the talking and not doing is enough to drive anyone mental. And its not even Friday. I don't have Claire to email constantly anymore (although she has been texting me this morning--she is re-bonding with Regis and Kelly), and Anna is off tomorrow so that her puppy can be neutered. Poor guy doesn't know what's coming. My consolation? Anna has to go to the dentist tomorrow too.

I'm cruel like that. Coulda been a dental hygenist.

So Amy comes in this morning to collect my work and talk about my plans for the day and she opens with "OMG did you hear about Heidi's plastic surgery?? 10 in one day!". Of course I had heard about this, and was only too glad to discuss. You have to go out and pick up the newest People magazine to find out all the details (and I'm ashamed but so tempted), but if you look at the picture you will see that she has definitely had her nose redone and her chin looks smaller. And whats plastic surgery without some more boob? She kind of looks like a blonde version of that girl from the 2nd season of Dexter, Lila.

So it being a new year, I have a new dog calendar. Not puppies this year, just grown dogs. I think the jury is still out on this one. The puppies were probably cuter but the dogs are good looking too? Because the puppies were so cute...I can't throw the calendar away, so its just sitting pathetically on my desk. I don't scrapbook or make my own cards so I can't recycle it that way. I don't go to school so I can't use it to cover textbooks (and I'm pretty sure if I suggested this to my little sister she would look at me with disdain before dismissing me with "whatever"). I'm not going to plaster the pictures all over the walls. So what to do? This distresses me.

I think I'm getting an earache? Ear infection? If I am, this is only my 2nd one ever so I'm not even sure what the proper terminology is, but it hurts.

I remembered to bring a hairclip with me today and am a much happier person for it. Yesterday I somehow forgot (I always have one clipped to my purse) and I was seriously discombobulated by all my hair. It was warm in the office and my luscious locks were spread all over my shoulders, making it really extra warm (it might also have been due to a snotty email from a rep that got me all fired up). I ended up having to sharpen a pencil to stick in my hair to keep it up. It wasn't really that effective either. I guess I could have used one of the 2 hair elastics on my wrist, but they actually aren't strong enough to hold up my hair. I don't know why I have them with me either. I should get new ones.

I could listen to Lady Gaga's song Alejandro all day long. I almost did yesterday. Its awesome and you should love it too. Alejandro, Alejandro, Ale Ale Ale Alejandro...

I told Veronica I was bored and she responded with "Would you like me to give you more work?". Yes please--I'm clearly bored because I don't have enough work, not because the work is boring as f**k.

Apparently Norah Jones was on Regis and Kelly? Anyone care to explain the throwback to 2002?

I want fake nails. But not like the classy gel nails with the white tips (although, if they are too long, they are no longer classy) but like old school talon like fake nails. And then I want designs all over them so that they are more like art than nails. But I guess I would need to be a lady of leisure to be able to pull that off--I can't imagine you would be able to do anything with nails like that. Not open a can of pop, type properly, dig things out of your purse, pick things up off the floor, or any other menial daily task. Guess I better focus on world domination before fulfilling my dream of talon nails.

Finally, on a more serious note, I hope that some of you will join me in sending money to help the people in Haiti devastated by the earthquake. Here is a list of some agencies accepting donations to help out. I think these are mainly Canadian- if you are living outside of Canada, please take a look at what local agencies are offering help.

See? Even the Cubicle cares about other people. Just not John.


  1. Heidi had 10 surgeries??? OMG! I wish I could get people and us weekly here. I must go search the net at once.

  2. I am disgusted by you craving for fake nails. That is absolutely disgusting. I bet you use hand sanitizer as well. Do you realize how many germs hide under those disgusting nails? May as well lick the microphone bit of a pay phone...

  3. Mona: I got the People this weekend and omg. Wow.

    Appalled: I didn't say that I was going to get them, I said I wanted them. I want them like art though, not for actually doing things. I can't imagine I would ever actually get them0 the typing noise would drive me mental. And no, I don't use hand sanitizer- it dries out your hands and doesn't do sh*t.