Monday, June 22, 2009

Cubicle Goldilocks

This morning when I arrived at work, bright eyed and ready to work (ok not true, but I had tea in hand, therefore I was working on it) I noticed that something was wrong with my phone. The screen that is usually showing my extension, the date and time etc was completely blank. So I looked at Maurice's desk (usually we have the same problems, sharing a pod) and his phone still worked. I logged on to my computer...but it didn't have internet access either.

Luckily John was just walking by (luckily in this story) and I flagged him down. I am technologically deficient so I a) had no idea what the problem was and b) if I did, I wouldn't have any thoughts on how to fix it. But John is computer savvy. He got to work, looking to see if all the cables were connected. It appears that they were.

Point is-- it wasn't anything that we could fix, we needed the tech people. Which meant that I was computer-less. And thus began my morning as a computer/cubicle Goldilocks.

John told me that someone in Accounting was not here today and I could take her desk. But I don't really like the people in Accounting, they make my life more difficult. That desk would have been much too annoying. It must have shown on my face because John suggested another empty desk at the back of the office. The solitude of the location appealed to me so I went with that one.

But first John had to set up a computer on that desk. I lugged a box of paper that I needed to work on with me, and waited while John set up the work station. And then I logged on. Which took another 10 minutes. This new desk (not in a cubicle!) was not set up the same way as mine at all and my eyes quickly felt the strain. Plus my printer was now on the other side of the office. And there was too much light. And I was lonely. That desk was much too lonely.

Another girl at work is sick. Her desk is located in a cubicle pod with 3 other people. It is similar to my set up (I did have to adjust the height of the desk and the keyboard). My printer is just around the corner. This cubicle is juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust right.

But isn't it strange how working in someone else's desk totally disorients you? Her desk, while similar to mine, is backwards which meant that all morning I have had to adjust the way that I do things. There is no mouse pad so I'm trying to control an unruly mouse. She has an interesting daily calendar though: Forgotten English. Today's expression? Treacle Up. It means to rub or polish. So I'm learning new things.

But I want them to hurry up and fix my computer because I miss my window. And the Cubicle Bears will be back soon, and then what will I do?


  1. I don't get the Goldilocks reference....

  2. Because I was so picky! Maybe not the best laid out notion...the intent was definitely there.