Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Deep Freeze

I am freezing! My fingers are starting to go numb and I'm pretty sure my lips are turning a very "now" shade of blue. I'm shivering.And its warm outside.

So what's the deal?

Overzealous use of the AC. I can hear the icy cold blasts of artificial air seeping into my cubicle. My fingers are blue (and its not just my nail polish). I can't type properly. I need to put on my fleece. I'm not sure that my company had this in mind when they gave me this free fleece at Orientation back in the day-- but then again, maybe this is exactly what they had in mind.

Its frustrating because this time last week, in the middle of a city heat wave, we were all sweating in our cubicles. The air in here was hot and stale and we couldn't wait to get outside for relief. It was 30 degrees outside. E-mails were sent to the property managers: could they please do something about this heat!And they did. They went in the complete opposite direction. So now we're freezing.

Much like we were back in December during a city wide cold spell (lots of ice and snow in a coastal city unaccustomed to it). We begged for the heat to be turned on then, but we were told that it was broken. So we sat huddled around tea and coffee, hoping to warm our fingers by breathing hot air on them--some went so far (I tell no lies) as to cut the fingers off those cheap little gloves to make typing less of an ordeal.

I'm not sure why it is so difficult to maintain a room temperature. I'm sure that it has nothing to do with older people touching the thermostat. People that have no idea what they are doing, even what they are controlling (I'm assuming that different parts of the floor have different heating units), yet they continue to fiddle with it. Ten minutes ago it was freezing, now its starting to thaw. That, or its the cozy warmth emanating from my tea misto.

I know that its an old wives tale that you get a cold from being cold, but I have definitely noticed an increase in sneezing and stuffed up-edness (couldn't be allergy season, its too cold!). And as we get colder we get more in the zone, anything to keep our minds off our frozen fingers and toes(even my nose!), and therefore we work harder.

So they win.


And I'm still cold.

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