Thursday, June 25, 2009

Request Denied

Think of me as the middleman. You want a new carpet? I will find one for you. You need a nanny, I know a good one. Except that instead of finding goods and services, I act as a liaison between the company that supports our new product and our representatives that sell to the public. Oh, and I don’t get a cut.

But now my hands are tied.

Once upon a time I used to deal directly with the companies. This seemed efficient to me. I would make a list of all the people that I needed information on and they would email it back to me. Turnaround time? About 2 days. A week if they were really behind.

But then we (well not we really, I wasn’t a part of the decision making proces--I was just told how it was going to be now) decided to get all self sufficient, making our own products and setting up our own department to work that out. Seemingly I was out of a job. But in today’s world everything needs to be done twice to be done well so I continued on. There were some bumps along the way (some bumps seemed more like small mountains) but I thought that we had gotten to a system that worked well for all of us.

Today I was told that I was wrong.

I had been compiling individual emails to this new department to use the new company website to get all the information that I used to just email directly to the company. Obviously me emailing someone else down the hall to check a website is so much more efficient than me emailing one other person who has the answers directly--but I digress. Each email stated the information that I needed, as well as all necessary identifying information. Sure, it was taking nearly a week to get a lot of this information back, but I had done my part and I’m actually pretty good at waiting .

But now apparently because I’m super efficient ourdepartment is backed up. And the company has requested we take a 10 day (10 DAY!) break in asking them any kind of follow up information so that they can get caught up. So what do I do in the meantime?

Twiddle my thumbs I guess. Or start selling real carpets? Nannies anyone?

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