Thursday, June 18, 2009

Food For Thought

Stop bringing junk food into my office.


If you bring it I will eat it. And that can't happen anymore. Work is a stressful environment. I am a stress eater. What are you trying to do to me!?

I don't know what it is about offices and food but there always seems to be an occasion to binge. Birthdays? Cake! Milestone? Cookies! Holiday? Potluck! A food answer for everything. Why are you not bringing nice carrots with dip? Or celery sticks with peanut butter? Wraps for a potluck?

No. That doesn't work. Calory laden food is the order of the day. And while I'm definitely not one of those miserable calorie counters (please! cut sugar out of my diet and people will get hurt!) I object to the sheer volume of candy and sweets constantly being pushed at me. What about an office screams food exactly?

It can't be the state of the art kitchen we all use to microwave our leftovers. Or the beige that covers everything from the walls to the carpet- its not an appetizing colour. It should really be an appetite suppressant. Typing and phone answering are not hunger inducing activities (nor calory burners unfortunately)- so where does all this food come from?

It must be the stress. Maybe people think that by bringing food into the office they are making it a sweeter place to be? Maybe they think its comforting? Has no one heard of work place obesity? Read up! Its a problem.

So please stop celebrating birthdays and milestones. Holidays can be overlooked. Stop feeding me.

...unless you are making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. I do really enjoy those.

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