Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hygiene Concerns

I know that posting two times in one day might seem a little excessive, but sometimes it is necessary. In this case, when personal hygiene is involved, it is necessary.

I would like to be able to continue on by saying that this is something mundane like someone wearing too much perfume, or alternatively, skipping an obligatory deoderant swipe/shower in the morning. But alas, it is far more sinister.

Today the department received the following email:

Dear Tenants,Our Janitor Maria has advised me that on many ocassions, when she is cleaning up the washrooms, she finds toilets that have not been flushed, as well as paper towel thrown on the floor near the entrance door.I realize that sometimes we are all in a hurry or simply forget these minor things, but we would ask that you are more diligent in flushing toilets at all times.We, along with Maria do our very best to maintain these washrooms to a level you will all appreciate & we ask that you help us with this, by doing your part when you use them.

Who forgets to flush the toilet??? How is flushing the toilet not a basic human reflex? Who are these people that are not in any way bothered by leaving their excrement sitting there for the next person to encounter? Are you in such a hurry to get back to you important busy work that you can't flush the toilet? You need a vacation!

As for throwing paper towels on the floor- whoever is doing that: you disgust me. Do you think that it makes the janitor's job more rewarding to pick up after you? Like a janitor doesn't work hard enough. Respect the janitor!

My friend Sebastien has pointed out that we do in fact work with adults. That you would think that we worked with children who needed to be reminded to flush the toilets, but that actually children aren't that stupid. And he's completely right.

Do you know whats even more disturbing than an email to an entire department about proper bathroom use? That it was warranted. I definitely had a chuckle reading this (although I couldn't believe whatI was reading), especially when various out loud responses starting emanating from cubicles. My favourite came from Veronica: "Pssh, that's because the toilets are broken!"

Veronica is disgusting.

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