Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How To Play This?

I work for what used to be one of MacLean magazine's top employers. That was 3 years ago. I think it was a goal to be included in the list one time and then that box can be ticked off and we can move on. To be fair, since that time, our CEO has changed which might account for the different management style that can currently be found. I'm being nice here.

Anyway. A remnant of our glory days is a survey. This survey is sent to every single employee and we have 2 weeks in which to thoughtfully give our answers. The first two years I did it, I thought it was a waste of time, but back then I was in a different position, didn't work with a**holes, and was generally happy.

Last year the email came about 2 days after I learned that I was being screwed over in two different ways. After my vacation I apparently owed them money or time AND I had no more vacation days for the entire year. This was June. Six months sans days off? Seriously? S.O.S! So naturally I took the opportunity to let the organization know exactly what I thought of their policies and more importantly, my d-bag manager of the day.The survey promised that they would look at the answers given, quantify it and then feed it back down the chain of command. Within six months we should be able to see a difference at our respective levels. It felt really good to complete that survey last year, like I had done something about my situation.

Except that the changes never came. My manager left, but that was to pursue his own industry dreams (more golf time I imagine, if his wife lets him play more than 3 rounds a year now), not as a result of anything I may or may not have said on some survey.

Since that time I have gotten a raise that has yet to come through, was screwed out of my benefits due to a lack of notification that I was eligible from my manager, had to pay MSP because I did not have benefits from my employer, and after an injury sustained on my way to work, very nearly "owed" them $500.Which leads me to my present dilemma: How do I play it this year?

If you read my posts from late May (all posts now show as June as moved from previous blog address) you will have read that there was some friction between my manager and myself after she (and my other manager? I say other manager? because I'm not sure if he is in fact my manager, or Amy's manager? Or is he homeless? Whats the story here?) accused me of being "excessively social", cutting corners in my work (baseless- it was her fault, I had been telling her to let me do my follow up for about 3 weeks), and there were questions about "gaps in productivity".

It was the best meeting ever. I have never been angrier.But about 2 days later, Amy came and apologized. Admitted that she was out of line. That it was not a reflection of my work but of her mindset upon returning from vacation.

I accepted her apology.

But obviously am still not happy here. So do I let loose on the survey as if this was 2 weeks ago? When I comment on my manager's performance, do I comment on Amy? Or my pseudo manager John? Who does the organization recognize as my manager? If I let them have it, is that just a passive aggressive way of venting (not at all like a blog)?

Obviously submitting my survey full of angry commentary isn't going to make them give me a raise (or hurry up in putting through the first one) or get me a new job. But will it make them pay attention and stop running everything based on a bottom line? Will it make things better for those that come after me? Is this some kind of 21st century route to martyrdom?

Probably not.

But I might still enjoy lashing out a little!

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