Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Welcome to My New Home!

This morning I was in a right kerfuffle!

I was happily trying to come up with something hilarious to write about on my blog (I'm so urban right? I love saying that) when I was stopped dead in my tracks (literally, I was walking back from a coffee break) because of this bomb Sebastien dropped on me.

"You know John totally reads your blog every day right?"

For those of you that are unaware who John is, a refresher. John is my boss. He pretends to be a nice guy, but beneath that goofy grin there is an iron fisted dictator just waiting to bust free. He cannot be reading my blog. I had taken steps to ensure that there were no identifying factors on my blog (you will note that my name does not appear anywhere, nor does my city, and all the names that I do use are made up), not emailed the link from my work address, or posted it anywhere that someone from work would see it.

But, I've said it before: I work in an incredibly incestuous industry and workplace. Everyone knows everyone else (because these same unimaginative people work together year in year out for decades) and sooner or later, information makes its way through the grape vine. In this case directly to John. And apparently he was just as glued as the rest of you, checking in every day to see what witty things I would come up with.

So I had a decision to make. Continue blogging where he could read it, giving him leverage to use against me, always aware that what I am saying could be used against me. Or stop.

I didn't like either option so I created my own. Create a new blog and carry on. It was no easy feat to keep cubicle and find a new blog title that wasn't already taken. I miss Cubicleisms, I felt like I had a good thing going. Although my mom couldn't say it, so maybe that was a sign that it wasn't for the masses...

So here I am. Ready to keep blogging. To keep looking for something new. To keep hoping that Hollywood finds me and makes me into a funny yet smart office comedy. Or win the lottery.

Thanks for following me here! Feel free to comment and keep reading!


  1. I will happily follow your cubicleisms over here, I can't wait for your life to become a movie. Please introduce me to the hot male lead. I would prefer Robert Pattinson or Chace Crawford, just saying.

    Or at least let me dress you for a red carpet.
    keep up the charming and witty blogging banter :)

  2. By hot male lead, do you mean the part of the gay best work friend? Because I think that the lead will have to be female. Obviously you are first choice for dressing me for red carpet. New York. London. Berlin. Paris! Tokyo. It will be big!

  3. If you ever get a Livejournal let me know and I'll add you to my friends list (its protected so no one can read it unless I want them to).

  4. There are a couple public entries (I think 2-3?) so if you go there that's what you'll see. I do update it often though.

  5. Ooopss... By the way I can see links to both your old & new blogs by clicking "View My Complete Profile" - so your coworkers/boss might still be able to find this blog.

    Best bet is to get a Livejournal and make all your entries "friends only". Then NOBODY but NOBODY will see it unless they are on your friends list! :)