Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fresh Meat

This morning my office is filled with the sounds of laughter and happy chatter. Its not even Friday.

What gives?

Fresh meat.

Today is the day that two new Temps arrived to begin their unfulfilling journey here. And the level of "happy productivity" vibe that everyone is giving off is making me sick. Everyone has a smile plastered on their face, happily chatting with their neighbour, practically beaming at the new kids as they are introduced one by one to each person and their role.

I remember very well the day that I made the rounds. Actually I didn't. I was left in my cubicle, nervously chatting with Mary Kate (this was the moment that we became fast friends), listening as my d-bag manager (he doesn't deserve his own name) tried to find someone willing to give me a tour. I distinctly remember him asking my now supervisor, Veronica, if she would give me a tour. She said "Another one? I'm not doing it. I did the last three." I think it actually took Veronica about 6 weeks to say anything to me. But now that she's a supervisor its all "Hi! How are you! Good to see you! If you need anything! Just ask!". She makes me want to vomit.

At least I immediately got the impression that this place was awful. The initial excitement at having my own desk and phone were quickly replaced with a kind of nervous energy about what I had gotten myself into. I had been eager to return to a "normal" life at home after my decidedly unnormal (but fabulous) time abroad. Maybe I was premature in desiring a regular 9-5 existence. But like I said, at least this transformation took place quickly and I was no longer under the impression that the people were awesome and that the work would be fulfilling (I know I know, if I knew that so quickly, why didn't I try to get out sooner? That my friend, is a whole other story).

Not these new guys today though. They have started their training under the impression that everyone here is friendly and upbeat, that work is enjoyable and fulfilling, that they will be appreciated and recognized for their efforts.

Poor guys never stood a chance.

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