Tuesday, July 6, 2010


You know what's a really good way to make one's week? Aside from telling them that they only have to get through 86 more days working here?

Tell them that you have tickets to see Lady Gaga and ask if they want to come with.

This is what happened to me yesterday.

Some background.

I love Gaga. I saw her last fall, smaller venue and she is incredible. I loved her before but that show solidified my loyalty for always. When she announced that she was coming back this summer I knew that I needed to get tickets. Except tickets went on sale the day after my birthday and I forgot.

I was devastated. So devastated. The day after my birthday is already my least favourite day of the year (hello? 365 more days til my next birthday? Not cool). Add to that that I didn't get Gaga tickets-- The Boyfriend had to buy me nail polish to pull me out of my funk.

But then yesterday, The Record emailed me to see if I might be interested in maybe going to see Gaga? Its kind of a long, complicated story as to how we got here but there was the need for another person to join them and I am that person.

So I get to see Gaga in August.

You're all writhing around in jealousy aren't you? As you should.

Now some of you (OK one of you, but perhaps some of the rest of you are wondering this also?) asked me if I will still be blogging after September 30th. I can't imagine what the hell I would have to talk about BUT I also can't imagine not blogging anymore so in short, yes I will. We will just have to pretend that I have found things to say that you actually enjoy reading. If I end up unemployed it could get ugly real fast. But who doesn't like reading updates on daytime television?

Consider yourself warned though- bad daytime television is like my crystal meth. Once I start, the whole day is gone and before you know it The Boyfriend has staged an intervention and I'm all screaming and yelling that I don't have a problem and I don't need help.


I guess the hope here is that we don't get to that stage. But again, no promises.

Man for a Tuesday I'm in a really good mood. On the one hand, this is refreshing. On the other, it seems like this is the perfect mental climate for the other shoe to drop and for it to be completely devastating.

Yeah I'm not really going anywhere with that...

I'm really looking forward to the big game today- Netherlands vs. Uruguay. Looking forward to it but also a ball of nervous energy, I kind of feel ill. National pride is on the line you guys. I'm going to the pub around the corner for the 2nd half and sent out an email to a select few to join me. I told them if they were going to cheer for Uruguay that the invite was actually null and void. One guy emailed back with "Go Uruguay" and I told him that I would cut him. Like literally cut, with a knife. One girl has just come in showing me her new orange shirt and her orange nails. I have my orange shirt in my bag. Should be fun.

And by fun I mean nail bitingly nerve wracking with a side of clammy hands.

Hup Holland!

PS Gloria- thank you for looking like you're doing some sort of walk of shame by wearing your orange shirt again today. It looks awesome, and not at all like you spent the night at a strange man's house.


  1. I just thought it was neccessary to mention that I vomited in my mouth a little on the whole Gaga topic. Seriously can't we just leave the trash in the alley and stick to the football?

  2. Marshall, its ok that you don't understand the artistic integrity that is Gaga. She's performance artist. And if you saw her live, you would surely change your tune.

  3. i DID shower....but failed to wash my hair.....at least de dutch won.....

  4. She has as much "artistic integrity" as a circus performer turned stripper. There's nothing artistic about making catchy top 40 club music and her behavior would be completely frowned upon if it weren't for her being rich and famous. Funny how having money suddenly makes things unacceptable acceptable...

  5. Oh Marshall, you just haven't SEEN her perform. Admittedly she isn't everyone's cup of tea, but she is a reflection of a generation. And she's awesome and you're wrong so there.

  6. She's a reflection of a generation yeah no kidding. A lazy, incompetent, materialistic generation who has no care for what's going on beyond their sex lives and celebrity gossip. That isn't exactly a lot to be proud of. My question to you is, if she is so awesome which you seem so sure that she is then if she were your daughter would you be proud of how she behaves?

  7. Ahhh!!! Im seeing Gaga this Sunday!!! Expect tails of trainwreck

  8. Kacey- I can't wait!!!

    Marshall- its not like its her fault that that's the generation she was born into. We're all a product of it in some way. And if she was my daughter you better believe I would be proud of her! Damn proud! I would be proud that she knows who she is, isn't afraid to be herself, and inspires millions of her "little monsters" to be themselves too.

    So there.