Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Little More Oomph Please

I had been here all of 20 minutes when 2 colleages and I were told to get to work. It was our own fault. We forgot that we were at work where talking and laughter are strictly forbidden.

I just hope that its not going to be one of those days. I have just gotten over the fact that Amy moved me next to her, managed to make some kind of peace with her over her desire to keep me under her thumb and now she tells me to effectively shut up and get on with it. Do I want to punch her in the face? Do I care?

Its funny-- as soon as they gave us a concrete end date, explained the severance etc., none of us have any focus left to carry on with our work. We've all kind of given up. We still look like we're working, but talk to any one here and they will tell you that they haven't been able to get anything done all week because their concentration's been shot to sh*t.

After we had our meeting on Monday, the Temps were told that while we were being kept on until September 30th, their last day would be August 31st. We have already experienced our first Temp casualty- her last day is today. I don't blame her, I envy her her quick exit. But they don't get severance... So in an email announcing this to everyone, Amy decides that its the perfect time to also let us all know that Veronica is still having a wonderful time in South Africa and will be back in 2 weeks.


Anna tried to bet me that Veronica would come back with a vuvuzela to keep on her desk. I refused to take the bet because I would lose. Obviously she is coming back with a vuvuzela. How else would she possibly be able to explain to us civilians how awesome the World Cup in South Africa was?

Then Anna added a most gruesome image- Veronica coming back in a Netherlands jersey. I will literally have a sh*t fit if she comes back sporting my national colours.

While we are on the subject of the World Cup, how about those Dutch?!? It hasn't totally sunk in yet that I'm actually watching my team go all the way to the finals. Its obviously never happened in my lifetime. Its incredible! Nervously anticipating who it will be that will join them- I'm really hoping its Spain but that clearly means it will be Germany. Although, according to a psychic octopus Spain will defeat Germany.

The Final is on Sunday and I'm left wondering: what the hell am I going to talk to my co-workers about when its done??

Its served as a way to bond, this World Cup. I even went to the pub with a few co-workers to watch the Netherlands beat Uruguay yesterday (although seriously Holland, play better on Sunday. Stecklenburg? Van Persie? I'm looking at you. Don't worry, I still believe in you, just a little more oomph please. And what was with that ending?? I still don't know exactly what happened!).

But if you don't have a team in the World Cup, haven't had a team in the World Cup ever, you don't know what its like. You may think its all fun and games and everyone is having a laugh, but you would be wrong. Its national pride that's on the line, bragging rights, a place in history. It is not to be taken lightly. There is this one guy in my office that cheers for whoever seems to be winning, came along to the pub yesterday, sort of cheered for Oranje and when they won, as we were walking back started talking about how that was as far as they were going to go.

Come on man, they just won. Like 5 minuntes ago. You can't let me enjoy this? I'm not allowed to celebrate that my team is going to the World Cup Finals for the first time since 1978 for even 5 minutes? Are you serious? Why did you even come? I don't want your half a$$ energy around my team! He's at home today, leisurely watching the game. Bastard.

Anyway, thats about all that I have for you today. I know, I will try to stop leading such a riveting life.

Oh oh OH! And Lindsay Lohan is going to jail! I know I should feel bad for her but I so don't. Yesterday was like, the perfect day!


  1. Hup Holland Hup!!!

    I seriously can't wait to find out if that octopus is right!

  2. You forgot to mentioned that disturbing image of the Mr A$$crack man on the card.....i honestly almost had a heart attack from laughing...THANKS