Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What Just Happened?

The weirdest thing happened yesterday. Totally unexpected, completely unheard of. I never thought that I would live to see the day.

Amy acted like a human being.

There have been about a dozen new people up here training before they go out to the branches to work. And yesterday the trainers wanted our department to sit with them and go over one of the old systems that they would be working with. So the trainees are being released for lunch from 12-1 and then they will come and sit with us for an hour.

Problem: in an effort to split the day up into workable portions (ie we don't spend our time fantasizing about ending it all, winning the lottery, or living the glamourous life of a hobo) a lot of us take our lunches at 1.30. We offered to go later, it was just a half hour. When we return then at 3 we only have a little while left to get through.

This is where Amy surprised all of us. It was a good thing I was sitting down.

Well you could also skip your lunch and your last break and just take off an hour and 15 minutes earlier. Its up to you.

Could you please repeat what you just said? Am I hallucinating? Has it finally happened- I've lost my mind?

She was serious. She was accomodating. There were no strings attached. She was being...flexible.

I know, I'm still recovering too.

Naturally I jumped at the chance. I got home an hour earlier. It was awesome.

What did I do with my time?

Well I hadn't eaten my lunch so first I had a cheese sandwich. Then I told The Boyfriend I was starving so he made dinner earlier. So good. Then we watched a movie, spied on our new apartment, went for a walk, he let me watch some Say Yes To The Dress and then I went to bed.

I too think that I used the time wisely.

Given her recent flexibility I feel kind of bad that there is a chance that I will have to ask to work an adjusted schedule again tomorrow. If we don't get the keys to our new place tonight then we will get them tomorrow but it will probably be earlier than 5. I know she hates when we work adjusted schedules, but she is still getting the same amount of work time out of us. Actually I feel like I work harder because early in the morning there is no one here to bother me.

I just don't want to push my luck. And I know she doesn't see working an adjusted schedule the same way that I do.

We have a Sniffy McSniff-a-lot in the office this morning. Nathan. If he keeps it up I'm going to have to hurt him. Its so irritating when all you can hear is a person sucking back the snot that's running out of their nose. You're welcome for that visual. Remember when you used to write exams and inevitably there was that one person that was sick and they spent the entire 3 hours sniffing and you wanted to take your sharpened number 2 pencil and ram it up their nose?

Just me?

Well I hated it then and I hate it now. Go to the washroom and blow your nose.

Guess what? Veronica lands back in the country tomorrow! We are all so excited. Like can barely stand it. You know there is a good chance she will pop in the office on Friday because she was "in the neighbourhood". Good thing I had the foresight to take Friday off. You guys are so excited for next week when she returns, a vuvuzela in hand, new pictures for her desktop and just filled with all kinds of South Africa adventure stories. Will keep you posted.

That's all for me today. Still haven't talked to the ipod bandit. Probably should do that today eh?


  1. Yay for nice Amy! Boo for snotty Nathan--I'm not sure I will recover from that little visual. Ick.

  2. hahaha, sorry about that visual. Actually as I was writing it I was gagging a little. But I thought it was too good not to keep.

  3. It's not just you. Seriously, how do people live adult lives with no social awareness?